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In this episode I speak to Andrew Schwab, lead singer of the band Project86.
We talk about his experiences and influences on his writings, his views on hell, his critiques of the church as an organization, and a couple of songs from Project86’s new album, Sheep Among Wolves.

  • Who is Andrew and what is Project86?   [00:53]″]
  • What one message does Andrew endeavor to communicate?   [02:21]″]
  • What convinces Andrew that humans are all flawed?  [03:50]”
  • Is there something Andrew would like to say to the LGBT community?  [04:23]″]
  • How has Andrew’s personal experience within modern Christian culture informed his critiques of the church?  [07:18]
  • How did Andrew’s childhood affect his music, and how has his music evolved over time?  [10:09]
  • What influences Andrew’s writings?  [12:32]
  • What is Project86’s new song “Freebooter” about?   [14:27]
  • Is “Freebooter” aimed more at those with faith or without?   [16:56]
  • What is the song “Copper Wish” about? [17:16]
  • What would Andrew say to someone who is looking for hope?   [19:01]
  • How does Andrew know there is a hell?   [23:02]

Is there one thing that Andrew wants to leave our audience with? [24:20]



How to contact Andrew  https://www.andrewschwab.com/contact/

Andrew’s Site http://andrewschwab.com

Project86’s Site http://project86.com


What purpose?
Some painful
Some pleasant
Even a few instructive
Some just a flash in the night
Still they shape you
Mold you into something
Sometimes not pleasant
Gray hairs the evidence
Of painful lessons long completed
So Easy to look behind
Regretful heart the remnants
Looking forward to heavenly bliss


Advice for those struggling in this Christmas season? [01:55]
• If this season is not the best time of year for you and if its one of those years where you’re like, I absolutely hate the holiday season. You should get someone around you that can keep you going and also help you refocus.

Even Moses needed help to stay strong when he was guiding the children of Israel. [02:12]

• Just as Moses needed physical help to hold up is hands when leading the children of Israel. We ourselves need help from different persons at times when we feel low in spirit.

Frightening statistics about the Christmas season. [03:18]
• Statistics show that the most suicide occur during the Christmas season.

Second advice to keep you through the Christmas holiday. [03:36]
• Keep your mind on things that will keep you uplifted.

I’m Not Ready for Christmas

m not ready for Christmas
for the glam and commercial gleam
for the smells of baking pumpkin pies
for the fake santa at the mall

I’m not ready for Christmas
for Carolers in the cold awaiting hot chocolate bliss
for candy canes and silver lanes aglow
For cold Egg Nog with just a touch of nutmeg

All this means nothing to me.
throw it out with all the used wrapping paper

Christmas is just a birthday without candles and flair
I’ll celebrate it in my own way

6 simple words

Happy Birthday Jesus  I love you

In this episode we speak with Pastor Gene McIntyre about mental illness and what you need to know. We cover a four step plan for dealing with mental illness from a biblical perspective

• What does she and her group do for persons will illness? [04:52]

• What is a broken person? [06:27]

• How do persons view mental illness and why? [08:19]

• Examples of persons who were healed in the bible. [09:34]

• Advice on how to overcome things that are nagging you in your life.

1. Walk in peace with Jesus. [14:26]
2. Acknowledge God as Lord and study the bible. [14:43]
3. Surround your self with people that believe in what you believe. [15:20]
4. Consider help from a medical professional. [16:22] `

• Where does illness come from? [20:13]

• What purpose does the enemy have for us? [21:24]

• What can happen when you have mental illness and don’t get treatment? [21:54]

• Advice to people who ask if God is a “crutch”. [25:19]

• Do persons in the Christian faith have more power to overcome than those who aren’t? [29:28]

• Closing advice to the persons listening to this podcast. [31:25]

Angels on Watch

See him hanging high on a tree
Powerless it seems
Defeated beaten and alone

I and my legion on watch above
Waiting for his distress call
We’ll step in and bear him home

I can’t take it anymore Lord let me loose,
And I’ll slay your enemies I’ll make them pay
They hurt your son how can that not hurt you

Why do you sit there Lord looking away
Its your son hanging on that tree
Why do you let this continue

As his life neared ii’s end
I and my host hung our heads in defeat
We’ve lost its plain to see

Was this really your plan Lord
To let him die in vain

Suddenly he lifted his thorm crowned head
With eyes that pierced the souls of men
With one final breath he screamed
“It is finished!” and gave up his spirit

Just then the order came
“Go and Rend the veil
Now I dwell with men”

Finally my host and I understand
Old things have become new
Jesus is the sacrificed lamb

• Melissa talks about how she should have died years ago from abortion. [01:02]

• What happened after she was saved from death? [02:53]

• Did her mother really want to abort her? [03:42]

• Who forced Melissa’s mother to abort her? [03:50]

• What happened when Melissa came out of the womb alive? [06:05]

• What happened to Melissa growing up? [08:03]

• What happened when she found out they wanted to abort her as a baby? [08:56]

• How did Melissa find out it wasn’t her mom choice to abort her? [11:35]

• How did it feel to meet her birth mother for the first time? [12:45]

• How is the relationship between Melissa and her mother now? [14:03]

• Advice to person who have come in contact with abortion. [14:11]

• Advice to those who believe they have a choice to choose to do abortion. [15:21]

• How long have abortion been going on and why? [17:40]

• Advice to persons considering abortion. [19:10]

• Important advice to Christians listening to this episode. [20:26]

• What part did Melissa’s faith play in her healing process? [21:39]

8 What is video Game Addiction


• Can a person really play games for 12 hours straight? [03:25]

• Why are games so addictive? [03:44]

• How did Micheal get out of gaming addiction? [05:12]

• Why did Teresa start getting nightmares from games? [05:54]

• What causes a person to get connected to his character in a game? [06:21]

• Can a game be seen as a god? [07:03]

• What caused Teresa to lose faith in God at one point in her life? [09:34]

• What caused Teresa to become a game addict? [11:27]

• What steps did Micheal take to help her control the addiction? [12:04]

• What effect did the addiction have on her? [13:45]

• What effect did the addiction have on her husband? [15:12]

• When and how did Teresa let go off the gaming addiction? [16:42]

• Does Teresa still game now? [18:06]

• Teresa advice to persons who have gaming addiction. [18:28]

• How did Teresa mother die and what happened to her father? [18:53]

• Teresa’s advice to you guys on getting rid of addiction. [20:51]

• Micheal’s advice to persons with gaming addition. [21:34]

• How to handle addiction as the spouse of the person going through it. [22:36]

Our support page: https://unresolved.life

How to contact Michael – michael@unresolved.life

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