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In this episode I speak to Andrew Schwab, lead singer of the band Project86.
We talk about his experiences and influences on his writings, his views on hell, his critiques of the church as an organization, and a couple of songs from Project86’s new album, Sheep Among Wolves.

  • Who is Andrew and what is Project86?   [00:53]″]
  • What one message does Andrew endeavor to communicate?   [02:21]″]
  • What convinces Andrew that humans are all flawed?  [03:50]”
  • Is there something Andrew would like to say to the LGBT community?  [04:23]″]
  • How has Andrew’s personal experience within modern Christian culture informed his critiques of the church?  [07:18]
  • How did Andrew’s childhood affect his music, and how has his music evolved over time?  [10:09]
  • What influences Andrew’s writings?  [12:32]
  • What is Project86’s new song “Freebooter” about?   [14:27]
  • Is “Freebooter” aimed more at those with faith or without?   [16:56]
  • What is the song “Copper Wish” about? [17:16]
  • What would Andrew say to someone who is looking for hope?   [19:01]
  • How does Andrew know there is a hell?   [23:02]

Is there one thing that Andrew wants to leave our audience with? [24:20]



How to contact Andrew  https://www.andrewschwab.com/contact/

Andrew’s Site http://andrewschwab.com

Project86’s Site http://project86.com

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