Salt and Light

There are a lot of people that will never consider darkening the door of Today’s churches.

Why because they have been hurt by So called Christians who look down their nose and judge them for their appearance or their actions.

We must not judge them. We cannot look at them with the “Christian” lens” They do not have a relationship with the savior.

We need to love them where they are at and welcome them with open arms.

We are called to be salt and light. what is salt used for? Salt is a flavor enhancer among other things.

As a flavor-er, Salt increases the flavor of whatever other flavors that are already there. That’s why some recipes call for salt even though the result is sweet. We are to be full of flavor enticing nonbelievers with the sweetness of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

Light is unique because it doesn’t matter how little of it there is if you have a dark room and light a candle, it will no longer be in complete darkness. In effect, light cancels darkness Light also represents truth. We are called to go out into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. That is to carry the light that is Jesus into all the dark places.

We can best learn what to do from Jesus’s own example. He did not hang out with the holier than thou Pharisees. Instead he hung out with Tax collectors, and fishermen, and prostitutes. He often broke bread with them. That’s what we must do to represent Christ to the best of our ability.

Note that I am not saying that we are to partake in their sin. But When They are at Rock bottom, they will remember you and reach out to you for help.

let me tell you the story of my father in Law Bryan. He is a great guy, but he was not a Christian in any sense of the word. I remember he told me on one occasion, that he believed there was a God, but he did not know who he was. I did my best to not push my beliefs on him. About 5 years ago, my mother in law passed away suddenly. He had a really hard time dealing with it. He hid it well, but I will never forget the night that he called me and asked me, “Mike how are you dealing with this?” and I was able to tell him about my relationship with the creator of the universe, my lord and savior Jesus Christ. When I asked him if he wanted to accept Jesus as his savior, there was no argument. no justification, no back peddling, he just said yes, and I got the awesome privilege of introducing my father in law to his savior.

if I had preached at him and told him what a bad person he was, I never would have had that opportunity.

So, what does all this mean? Take a moment and consider who you are. Are you a Christian who is filled with the love and sweetness of Jesus and yearns to share the light with the world? Or are you a putrid rancid Religious Christian who looks down their nose at people. One will lead people into his kingdom and the other will send them running for the hills. You Decide. Please feel free to comment below even if you disagree with me.

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