In this episode, Teresa talks to Jake Enriquez, real estate investor and host of the “Press and Reach” podcast.  They discuss addiction and finding Christ in the darkest times of life.

  • Jake talks about how he got involved with the “Press and Reach” podcast.    [00:56]
  • What “good news” is there to be had in the world today?    [01:58]
  • Can someone be a good and moral person without Jesus Christ?   [03:31]
  • Jake talks about his faith journey and how that has influenced his career and life.   [04:29]
  • What was Jake looking for that led him to drink when he was young?   [07:03]
  • Would Jake say that alcohol was a crutch?   [09:40]
  • What did Jake think of himself in the midst of this struggle when he was younger?    [10:34]
  • Why did Jake ask for forgiveness if he didn’t believe?   [13:16]
  • What questions did Jake have after he was released from jail?    [16:01]
  • Jake discusses the complications of his “unwelcome” conversion within his family and how he managed them.  [17:53]
  • How has Jake’s conversion affected his relationship with his wife?   [21:42]
  • How many people are sitting in church, afraid to talk to other Christians because of their past?    [24:52]
  • What would Jake to someone who feels they can’t be forgiven for what they’ve done?  [26:37]
  • Does this mean that God is willing to forgive anyone and everyone?    [28:46]
  • Jake tells a story about a man he met through his prison ministry. [30:12]
  • How can someone gain the sort of freedom that Jake is describing?    [32:15]


If you are struggling with addiction, please know that you are not alone and there are many resources available to help.  The Helpline at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at 1-800-662-HELP (1-800-662-4357) can put you in touch with organizations close to you.



In this episode, Teresa talks to Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado.  They discuss hell, salvation, and the great sacrifice that Christ has made for each and every one of us.

  • Pastor Bryan gives a brief synopsis of his book Has American Christianity Failed?    [01:02]
  • Teresa and Pastor Bryan discuss the pope’s recent declaration regarding the existence of hell.    [01:53]
  • What would Pastor Bryan say to someone who asked how a loving God could send someone to hell?   [04:28]
  • How would Pastor Bryan explain evil in the world if all people have a conscience?  [08:12]
  • What would Pastor Bryan say to someone who says they have a conscience and therefore don’t need the Bible?   [10:36]
  • What about common law marriages?   [12:20]
  • Why do we still need the church if marriage exists legally outside of the church?   [12:44]
  • Are these ideas antiquated in today’s society?    [14:38]
  • What about someone who sees him or herself in what Pastor Bryan is saying but feels like they cannot come to God?   [19:00]
  • Does God’s forgiveness extend even to murderers?    [21:47]
  • How can someone who is not certain of their place in heaven accept what Christ is offering and be saved?  []




Easter Message

Cross in the clouds

In this short episode, Theresa wishes you a Happy Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, and talks a little about the meaning of this important, holy day.


  • What, exactly, did we celebrate yesterday?    [00:38]
  • How can we really know that Jesus Christ is alive?    [02:13]
  • How can we trust that God has accepted the life of his son, Jesus Christ, as payment for the debt of our sins?   [03:11]
  • What does Christ’s resurrection mean for you and me?  [03:59]

Whats in your box?


In this episode I ask the question what’s in your box? Find out what
an old comertial has to do with what’s in your box, and I talk about
the choices you have of either hiding from God, or being honest with

Whats in Your Wallet Commercial

Interview with Anna Khait


Anna was a professional poker player and a contestant on the CBS Show Survivor in 2016.  She was one of the only outspoken Trump supporting, conservatives from the entertainment world during the 2015 campaign.

Anna is a reborn Christian who currently hosts a conservative talk show. Her show The Anna Khait Show on Youtube is a well respected platform for patriots. The show is her way of giving back to the country that has given her so much.  Originally born in Saint Petersburg, Russia, Anna moved to America when she was 4 years old.  Her family came to America for better opportunity, freedom of religion, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  She is grateful for what America has provided for her and her family.  As a child, she grew up hearing about the atrocities that her relatives faced during the Soviet’s socialism and communism.  She was red-pilled in 2015 when she realized that the same tactics used during communist Russia were being implemented in America today. The attack on Americanism, the constitution, and freedom has sparked a flame in her heart. Anna is a fighter intended on making this country free again.


Anna’s Website:

Anna’s Twitter:


Interview with Tim Morris

Tim is passionate about helping people’s hearts come alive to who they truly are. Over the last seven years, he has helped people explore their God-given design or gifts in a one-on-one setting and in groups through curriculum he has built called Design Discovery. This process is built on deeply understanding the heart’s desires in a robust framework. As a result Tim is passionate to help people grasp the depth, beauty, complexity, and theology of the heart from the perspective of the redeemed heart. Timearned a M.Div. from Denver Seminary in 2009 and is a professionally certified life coach with the ICF and has been coaching people professionally for about seven years. Over the course of his experience building the process for Design Discovery, he has spoken to different groups about knowing our God-given purpose as it links to our heart and has facilitated workshops in both a graduate-level and non-formal setting. He is currently blogging at and writing books on the heart and apostolic calling through the lens of an entrepreneur.

Interview with Rob Decker


Rob’s primary objective is to share his story of a failed suicide attempt that led to a relationship with God.  He suffered many years of sadness, anger, confusion and fed that with drugs, alcohol and bad relationships.  With the help of God, he was able to turn his story  into one of forgiveness, understanding, and love.  He desires to inspire, encourage, and give hope to those who have had similar battles.

Rob has appeared in the media many times, including sharing his testimony on the 700 club and on numerous podcasts.  His story is inspiring and will help you to realize that God can reach into the most difficult situations and use them for your good.


Rob’s Website:



About this Episode

In this show I talk to Eric Nevins who is the host of the half way there podcast. We speak of his past and how he Grew up, and how he got in to studying what he calls spiritual formation We covered many other subjects as well, and this is a  conversation I truly enjoyed having.


Halfway There Podcast 

Eric’s Site

Halfway There Facebook Page 

Here’s the interview that Eric did for me



In this special episode, we pay tribute to our beloved mentor, Pastor JR Camfield. He recently passed away, leaving behind him a legacy of ministry and hope. We miss him terribly. There has never been such a selfless servant, who sought God with his whole heart.  I’m sure he heard “Well done good and faithful servant.”  and is hanging out with Jesus riding on his Harley on streets of gold

We did an interview with about 11 years ago about how to hear God’s voice.  We urge you to take the time to listen to it. It will change your life.

Farewell Pastor, or should i say until we meet again.

a large auditorium with lots of people walking around, most of them wearing motorcycle colors and a open casket in the backgroud


A video of Pastor JR and Carol talking about the work the Seed  of Abraham Motorcycle Club is doing along with the other Christian Biker Clubs



The devotional method we use

Youversion. A free online Bible program, that has tons of reading plans and devotionals. They have apps for both Apple and Android devices.