Interview with Hugh Ross

Teresa talks to Hugh Ross, A researcher who deals in astronomy, he used to work at Caltech.


  • Astronomy points to the Bible?    [0:51]
  • About Hugh    [01:00]
  • Only the Bible passes the tests   [02:03]
  • Organization Reasons to Believe  [02:50]
  • The Bible has predicted future science   [03:25]
  • Scientific method came from the Bible?   [03:51]
  • Been able to prove Genesis true in the 20th century [04:54]
  • Big Bang    [05:17]
  • Space time beginning   [05:55]
  • Law of decay []
  • Romans 8 [06:44]”]
  • Cooling curve of the universe    [07:28]
  • Why is expanding universe important? [07:55]”]
  • Bible says 11 times that the universe is expanding [08:11]”]
  • Sun and starts dying? [08:45]”]
  • Law of decay is there to deal with sin and evil. [09:28]”]
  • Revelation 21 [09:37]”]
  • New creation nothing will decay [09:43]”]
  • God gave hint of no decay with the Isrealites? [09:56]”]
  • Bible is historically accurate? [10:12]”]
  • Books of Daniel and Ezekiel [10:26]”]
  • Bible prophecies of modern day Israel [11:36]”]
  • Just because the Bible got it right couple times does not mean it is true? [12:00]”]
  • False events of other religious books [13:10]”]
  • Mormon scriptures [13:16]”]
  • Kolob? [13:47]”]
  • Evolution [14:33]”]
  • Genesis gives reason for fossil record enigma [15:33]”]
  • Problem with modern education [15:58]”]
  • Who is Adam book [16:55]”]
  • Biology of today does not pertain to all of past [17:13]”]
  • What drives the non-theistic evolution? [17:30]”]
  • Speciation [17:40]”]
  • Things die out then speciation pattern [18:20]”]
  • Proof for evolution [20:20]”]
  • We do not think God is involved in this [22:20]”]
  • Young earth? [23:20]”]
  • Age of the earth [25:13]”]
  • How he differences from evolution [25:45]”]
  • Layman’s terms [26:43]”]


Teresa talks to Mark Goodwin, Host of Prepper Recon Podcast and Best Selling Author

  • How did Mark become an author and podcaster    [01:58]
  • What is Prepper Recon?    [05:00]
  • Talk about conservative issues   [05:17]
  • Communist agenda  [05:38]
  • Are we already involved in Communist Agenda?   [05:57]
  • Christian Churches turning blind eye?   [06:45]
  • 501c3 involved? [07:28]
  • Days of Noah series    [08:24]
  • Facts in Marks books   [06:54]
  • Babylon and today? []
  • End Times [10:40]”]
  • Creationist criminalized? Is belief in Bible being attacked?    [11:25]
  • Documentary Expelled [11:39]”]
  • Can’t get a job in a public college or university if you believe in Creationism [11:56]”]
  • Illegal in Canada? [12:31]”]
  • Sweet Cakes Bakery [12:44]”]
  • Pretribulation [13:12]”]
  • No matter what one believes it will all come together [14:20]”]
  • End times events are listed in the Bible but timeline is not? [16:50]”]
  • Mark’s greatest concerns considering the church [18:10]”]
  • Complacency of the church [18:29]”]
  • European church [19:29]”]
  • Churches in France [20:40]”]
  • America now, Bible belt now [21:40]”]
  • Lauderdale church [22:09]”]
  • Hebrews [23:00]”]
  • Prerequisite to going to church [23:17]”]
  • Pope Francis [23:45]”]
  • Why read Bible before going to church? [24:50]”]
  • What are Mark’s books about? [26:00]”]
  • Trump [33:10]”]
  • Church does not want to get involved with politics [34:23]”]
  • Roe v. Wade [35:20]”]
  • What breaks Gods heart should break ours [35:40]”]
  • Teresa’s poetry [36:19]”]
  • Book of Isaiah [37:00]”]
  • Doing same thing today? Gay marriage? [37:10]”]
  • Adultery and fornication [38:00]”]
  • idThe church is plagued with pornography [38:16]”]
  • What can we do now? [39:40]”]
  • Mark’s final word[49:35]”]


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Teresa talks to Brian Fletcher, host of Gospel Changes Everything Podcast.  They discuss


  • Why the name Gospel Changes Everything?    [0:40]
  • Brian Fletcher’s story [01:00]
  • How the Ministry Young Life affected Brian.   [03:00]
  • Brian attended Covenant Theological Seminary [04:00]
  • Brian becomes a staff for Young Life.   [04:10]
  • Why seminary was important in Brian’s life?   [04:34]”]
  • Gospel of grace [04:43]
  • How to wrap our heads around this truth about grace?    [06:50]
  • How to deal with passages talk about works?   [08:45]
  • If God forgives all sins, then why be obedient?    [09:06]
  • Teresa mentions Tim Morrison from previous episode, Design  []
  • New heart, new desires, heart can be trusted [11:03]”]
  • Patterns we get stuck into in life. [13:02]”]
  • We are made to be in relationship with God [13:28]”]
  • How God talks to you [15:08]”]
  • How our relationship with God affects our relationship with others [16:00]”]
  • Forgiving self [16:14]”]
  • Rhythm of repentance and faith [18:19]”]
  • Accountability [19:30]”]
  • How Brian ended up in a podcast [20:58]”]
  • Brian’s closing thoughts [23:06]”]



Gospel Changes Everything Podcast

Teresa talks to the Host of Uniquely Created Podcast Krissy Donahoe.


  • What is Uniquely Created Podcast about? [0:34]
  • Why Uniquely Created Podcast [01:09]
  • How did Krissy  to know Christ, how did she get into podcasting?  [02:20]
  • Uniquely Created or look like others in the world?   [05:40]
  • Project 86 lyric placing all hope in body transformation   [06:56]
  • Where to go when hurting on the inside?   [07:50]
  • What areas in life do we not rely on God in?    [08:35]
  • What are some lessons Christy learned from doing her podcast?   [10:38]
  • What is your identity?    [11:25]
  • What God placed on Krissy ’s heart for the audience  []
  • Many in the church say they are alright but really are not. [14:35]”]
  • Krissy ’s last thoughts [15:22]”]


This is the second part of a two-part series. Teresa talks to Garry Ingraham, board member of the Restored Hope Network and founder of the Love & Truth Network.  They discuss pornography addiction and church  leadership.

  • Garry talks about his experience with Soul Care and how it lead him to dealing with sexual wholeness    [01:00]
  • Church is not dealing with sexual wholeness well.    [01:40]
  • What is our responsibility to this problem?   [02:51]
  • How do we do what the Bible says about sex?  [03:25]
  • Results of practicing sex outside of Biblical realm.   [04:50]
  • What does God command for sex?   [05:33]
  • How is society handling sex?   [06:22]
  • Why are orgasms important?    [06:16]
  • Sex robots/dolls?!   [06:54]
  • How to navigate in a world full of sexual images?    [07:30]
  • Band of Brothers/Sisters  []
  • Counseling [13:45]”]
  • Sexual sin in leadership [15:00]”]
  • Why church leaders get caught in sexual sin [17:00]”]
  • Pattern of pornography addiction [18:10]”]
  • What to do to break pattern [18:46]”]
  • How does the church deal with this issue? [23:05]”]
  • Give God everything, all parts of our life [31:30]”]
  • What is grace really? [33:30]”]
  • The first step in dealing with sin [34:39]”]




n this first episode of a two-part series, Teresa talks to Garry Ingraham, board member of the Restored Hope Network and founder of the Love & Truth Network.  They discuss these organizations and Garry’s struggle with homosexual attraction.

  • What are the Restored Hope Network and Love & Truth Network?    [00:37]
  • How did Garry come to be involved with the Restored Hope Network?    [01:55]
  • How should someone who is involved in an alternative lifestyle be approached?   [03:29]
  • How should a Christian respond to these issues, especially within the context of laws that are being proposed?   [10:53]
  • Garry discusses his struggle with homosexual attraction.   [17:05]
  • At what point did Garry take steps to deal with his homosexual attraction?   [24:27]
  • Did Garry’s parents know about his struggle growing up?    [30:09]
  • How did God get Garry’s attention?   [33:07]
  • What was the lyric that stuck with Garry?    [36:36]
  • After Garry’s surrender to God, did He begin to work on the events of Garry’s past?  [37:43]
  • What would Garry say to a listener who is involved in an alternative lifestyle?   [43:36]
  • Garry gives a few closing thoughts about help and support through the church.    [50:59]



In this episode, Teresa talks to Jake Enriquez, real estate investor and host of the “Press and Reach” podcast.  They discuss addiction and finding Christ in the darkest times of life.

  • Jake talks about how he got involved with the “Press and Reach” podcast.    [00:56]
  • What “good news” is there to be had in the world today?    [01:58]
  • Can someone be a good and moral person without Jesus Christ?   [03:31]
  • Jake talks about his faith journey and how that has influenced his career and life.   [04:29]
  • What was Jake looking for that led him to drink when he was young?   [07:03]
  • Would Jake say that alcohol was a crutch?   [09:40]
  • What did Jake think of himself in the midst of this struggle when he was younger?    [10:34]
  • Why did Jake ask for forgiveness if he didn’t believe?   [13:16]
  • What questions did Jake have after he was released from jail?    [16:01]
  • Jake discusses the complications of his “unwelcome” conversion within his family and how he managed them.  [17:53]
  • How has Jake’s conversion affected his relationship with his wife?   [21:42]
  • How many people are sitting in church, afraid to talk to other Christians because of their past?    [24:52]
  • What would Jake to someone who feels they can’t be forgiven for what they’ve done?  [26:37]
  • Does this mean that God is willing to forgive anyone and everyone?    [28:46]
  • Jake tells a story about a man he met through his prison ministry. [30:12]
  • How can someone gain the sort of freedom that Jake is describing?    [32:15]


If you are struggling with addiction, please know that you are not alone and there are many resources available to help.  The Helpline at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) at 1-800-662-HELP (1-800-662-4357) can put you in touch with organizations close to you.



In this episode, Teresa talks to Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller, pastor at Hope Lutheran Church in Aurora, Colorado.  They discuss hell, salvation, and the great sacrifice that Christ has made for each and every one of us.

  • Pastor Bryan gives a brief synopsis of his book Has American Christianity Failed?    [01:02]
  • Teresa and Pastor Bryan discuss the pope’s recent declaration regarding the existence of hell.    [01:53]
  • What would Pastor Bryan say to someone who asked how a loving God could send someone to hell?   [04:28]
  • How would Pastor Bryan explain evil in the world if all people have a conscience?  [08:12]
  • What would Pastor Bryan say to someone who says they have a conscience and therefore don’t need the Bible?   [10:36]
  • What about common law marriages?   [12:20]
  • Why do we still need the church if marriage exists legally outside of the church?   [12:44]
  • Are these ideas antiquated in today’s society?    [14:38]
  • What about someone who sees him or herself in what Pastor Bryan is saying but feels like they cannot come to God?   [19:00]
  • Does God’s forgiveness extend even to murderers?    [21:47]
  • How can someone who is not certain of their place in heaven accept what Christ is offering and be saved?  []




Easter Message

Cross in the clouds

In this short episode, Theresa wishes you a Happy Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, and talks a little about the meaning of this important, holy day.


  • What, exactly, did we celebrate yesterday?    [00:38]
  • How can we really know that Jesus Christ is alive?    [02:13]
  • How can we trust that God has accepted the life of his son, Jesus Christ, as payment for the debt of our sins?   [03:11]
  • What does Christ’s resurrection mean for you and me?  [03:59]

Whats in your box?


In this episode I ask the question what’s in your box? Find out what
an old comertial has to do with what’s in your box, and I talk about
the choices you have of either hiding from God, or being honest with

Whats in Your Wallet Commercial