In this episode we speak with Pastor Gene McIntyre about mental illness and what you need to know. We cover a four step plan for dealing with mental illness from a biblical perspective

• What does she and her group do for persons will illness? [04:52]

• What is a broken person? [06:27]

• How do persons view mental illness and why? [08:19]

• Examples of persons who were healed in the bible. [09:34]

• Advice on how to overcome things that are nagging you in your life.

1. Walk in peace with Jesus. [14:26]
2. Acknowledge God as Lord and study the bible. [14:43]
3. Surround your self with people that believe in what you believe. [15:20]
4. Consider help from a medical professional. [16:22] `

• Where does illness come from? [20:13]

• What purpose does the enemy have for us? [21:24]

• What can happen when you have mental illness and don’t get treatment? [21:54]

• Advice to people who ask if God is a “crutch”. [25:19]

• Do persons in the Christian faith have more power to overcome than those who aren’t? [29:28]

• Closing advice to the persons listening to this podcast. [31:25]

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