Why I became a Christian

This week I get vulnerable and answer the question why I became a Christian that I have not shared publicly before, and having to deal with my times of mocking the Christian faith and what role the occult played. I also announce a special report that you can get at unresolved. Life/newsletter. If this podcast has been a help to you, please share.

his week we ask the question what are the origins of Halloween, and should Christians participate? Sanda Allyson is guest hosting this week’s episode, enjoy and please share.


Does the Feast of Tabernacles also known as the feast of booths
have relevance to today’s Christian? We talk about this and more.


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Sukkot – The Feast of Tabernacles from Ruach Ministries International on Vimeo.



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Are the feasts still relevant


what is Yom kippur

This week we ask the question what is Yom Kippur also known as the Jewish day of atonement. Was Christ’s death on the cross a simple matter of payment for our Sin? Or was there a deeper meaning? We ask this and more

A Video about Yom Kippur

the Need for Atonement – A Prophetic Look at Yom Kippur from Ruach Ministries International on Vimeo.


Landra’s Interview on Rosh Hashanah

White paper on the Jewish Day of Atonement 

Video Game Addiction Revisited

In this episode, I go a little bit random and Mike and I speak on many
different topics, such as video game addiction, and what happens when you fall into Sin, and the steps you should take to get yourself out.



Our previous episode on video game addiction

The Interview with Sanda Allyson on Spiritual Warfare

Sanda’s Website https://myrtleministries.com

Glued to the Screen

Glued to the screen by Michael Blaes

Real Life getting boring?

escape the doldrums

enter another world filled with mystery and intrigue

Where You can be anything

an elf, a dwarf, or even an evil orc

a knight, a thief even a mage

Just ignore that open cage

adventure till you’re hooked.

now the door’s slammed shut

my brain-dead plaything

my willing minion

glued to the screen

The Potter and the Clay

Can the clay say to the potter,

I want to be a sword when the potter needs a scythe

Can the clay say to the potter,

I want to be a glass when the potter needs a jar

All the clay can say is make mold me into a vessel fit to be used

He throws me into the fire

It Burns as sin melts away

Once I dry in the sun

he fills me to overflowing with living water

destined to quench the thirst of dry and dusty souls

As time goes by my clay grows brittle and starts to crack
The potter picks me up and throws me into the fire to be used once again