This week on the unresolved life podcast I interview Sharon Smaga of
Pop Coach Life. We talk about when it is time to take a break, perhaps
take a vacation. We also speak to what it might look like if you are
to disconnected. Over all we speak to finding balance in your life.
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Sharon’s Site:

This week on the unresolved life podcast, I Bring’em Back Sharon Smaga of pop coach life, we talk about how to find peace even in the midst of some of the biggest struggles and issues that you can come against. I also talk about how to help someone who may be in the middle of a really trauma field situation.
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Sharon Smaga: A New Podcast

This week on the Unresolved Life Podcast I interview Sharon Smaga of POP Coach.Life Sharon is a licensed family therapist who is stepping into life-coaching. This week we cover her story of how she lost her husband. We also talk about dealing with grief and loss, and a number of other subjects. Please listen and share.

Sharon’s site:

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