We never go through anything just for ourselves, we go through things to help other people come out of what we had came out of!


In this episode of Unresolved Life podcast, Teresa Blaes talks with Lenita Reeves,a profound speaker and the author of the book “Breaking the silence: The journey from rape to redemption“.As a rape survivor and former teen mom, Lenita is an outspoken overcomer, sharing her testimony freely and as a result, seeing lives touched all over the world. She is an international speaker and member of the RAINN speaker’s bureau.



Lessons to take with you:

  • Child is not a sin, it is a blessing.
  • He is real!
  • Rape to a woman is what castration is to a man.
  • The evil can’t really hurt God, so what he does is, he goes after his creation.
  • There is healing in confession.


Conversation highlights:

  • [03:23] – Graduating at number 10 in your class, at an age of 15, with the baby in your womb!


  • [05:00] – “I started dating a guy that I should not have been dating!”

He forced himself on me…..


  • [09:30] – Maybe this was gonna be the end. But I knew I had to tell her!


  • [12:41] – Is demonstrating redemption and Restoration good for a child?


  • [16:15] – That one invitation from that young lady, when I was moving into the dorms, changed my life forever!


  • [19:24] – Why me…..?


  • [25:54] – “Maybe they were being raped and they haven’t told anybody. They are struggling to live their life and don’t know how to deal with it. What would you say to them?”


  • [32:16] – People who have been healed requires them to be bold and be the first to help!


  • [36:40] – “I feel like a part of me is missing.”

“I feel like I never had a childhood.”


Remarkable quotes:

“God if your real then you need to show me!”


“It was the hand of the lord with me.”


“It was that redemptive and restorative hand of God that brought them through”


“When you sexually assaulted it’s not one thing that attracts you, it’s a package!”


“I once was lost and now I am found, and I know who set me free.”


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Special Reminder

If you know someone who is struggling , maybe they have gone through something like rape or sexual abuse, share this episode to them and let’s get some people healed!

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In this time of social distancing and lockdown along with the rise of remote work and Zoom sessions, we can’t forget another pandemic….




As most of you are aware, we are in a time where just about everyone in the world is connected to a device. Whether it’s a cell phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, or other device, most of us find it easier to send a quick message to someone rather than speak to them face to face (and that was before the pandemic!)


Deep down, we know that this is not how communication is supposed to be.


In this heart-filled episode that couldn’t come at a more important time, our guest is Jack Eason, author of “The Loneliness Solution”. Jack has an important message for people who are struggling with social loneliness during this challenging time. He also has an important message for those struggling with spiritual loneliness as well.


Tune in to get inspired and get some practical steps to help you out of social and spiritual loneliness..and into the community you were created to belong to.


What We Learned in the Podcast

  • What is loneliness?
  • Is there a difference between being alone and loneliness?
  • Is social media making us more lonely?
  • How is COVID impacting our social health?
  • How do we address loneliness?
  • How has social media changed the way we communicate?
  • Do humans need community?
  • The importance of connecting with God
  • Can you be lonely spiritually?
  • Is church really that important?
  • Why the perfect community is waiting for you..if you take the risk


Podcast Stopping Points

[3:32] Understanding loneliness


[4:16] The difference between being alone and loneliness


[6:58] Social distancing


[7:47] How do we get over loneliness?


[9:00] How to build a relationship..the right way


[9:28] The ease of technology vs the work in a relationship


[11:12] Getting back into community


[16:13] Why the perfect church does not exist


[20:00] What if I don’t want to go to church?


Quotes to Keep in Mind

“We are the most connected culturally and yet the most lonely generation…


“The first problem [in the Garden of Eden] was solitude.”


“Our relationships have become more transactional….”


“The reality is..until you really have a relationship with Him….you may try to fill that loneliness with other things.”


About Our Guest: Jack Eason

Jack Eason is the founder and executive director of Crossover Cups Mission, the President of Heart Share Group, and pastor at CrossRoad church.


He is the author of “The Loneliness Solution”.


You can learn more about him at https://www.jackeason.org/


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In this episode of The Teresa Blaes Show, Teresa features Dan Miller (author of the New York Times best-selling book “48 Days To the Work You Love” and host of the 48 Days Podcast), and Michael Blaes from Social Hazard Radio. They discuss different approaches towards finding work, with emphasis on new challenges following the economic climate caused by the pandemic.

Listen in and be educated

Conversation Highlights

[01:08] If you want to start something up and you need a community of like minds, Eagles is the right place for you ( www.teresablaes.com/eagles )

[02:08] Dan describes how his work has moved forward despite the economic instability this year.

[08:29] How has the pandemic changed the way people go about finding work?

[14:40] If you could be replaced by a machine then maybe you need to look for something else that you could do

[17:20] Teresa believes that the solution to problems in the world will come from entrepreneurs.

[20:00] The educational system is broken

[20:50] When trying to figure out what to do outside the traditional job setting, first look inward

[21:33] 85% of the process of having the confidence of proper direction in your career or business comes from looking inward;15% is the application that brings it to reality.

[23:27] The opportunity is right there in front of your nose, all you have to do is look for it

[27:25] What is your skill, your talent and what are you passionate about?

[33:31] The role of prayer in the process of finding the work you love.

[38:35] Dan shares that there is a growth of opportunities for virtual speaking, emphasizing that it pays to use the platform to introduce a service or product rather than focus on events that pay for speaking.

[42:12] Never stop learning

[42:30] To get Dan Miller’s book “48 Days To The Work You Love”,

visit www.48days.com/loveyourwork20

[43:48] “It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 88, it’s never too late to have a new beginning”

[44:00] How to contact Dan:

Website: www.48days.com


Remarkable Quotes:

[26:30] “You can turn anything into a business if you think hard enough”

[29:09] “How would a loving Father create us so that we spend the majority of our time doing things we don’t enjoy”

[42:20] “If you’re going to stay relevant and connected, then you need to stay up to speed”

In this episode of The Unresolved Life, Teresa sits with Pastor Cliff Alderson, host of the Rev it Up Podcast, a car enthusiast and the only blind auto mechanic with a degree. They discuss some of the work being done by Pastor Cliff and how he has been used by God to reach out with the gospel, using his passion for cars as a tool.

Listen now and be inspired

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