The Potter and the Clay

Can the clay say to the potter,

I want to be a sword when the potter needs a scythe

Can the clay say to the potter,

I want to be a glass when the potter needs a jar

All the clay can say is make mold me into a vessel fit to be used

He throws me into the fire

It Burns as sin melts away

Once I dry in the sun

he fills me to overflowing with living water

destined to quench the thirst of dry and dusty souls

As time goes by my clay grows brittle and starts to crack
The potter picks me up and throws me into the fire to be used once again

I hate gossip. It does nothing but destroy people. I’ve seen it first-hand and I hate it with a passion.

Why? Becuase it destroys relationships and trust. I’ve literally seen it divide churches. I’ve had it affect me personally, causing Child Protective Service called on me, all because a judgemental elder who had no understanding ran his mouth to our pastor who in turn ran his mouth to a social worker, instead of talking to us. The social worker, in turn, filed a report with C.P.S. and we had to fight them off for the next 6 months. The report was later dismissed for lack of cause. I ended up leaving the church.

The Bible is very clear about this topic. There are numerous scriptures that address it. I found 32 of them!

The one I think that addresses it the best is

Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless. James 1:26

So here’s my best advice. If you can’t say something to a person directly, keep your mouth shut!

Don’t go to a third party and “express your concern” to them. Even if it is a person in leadership or a pastor. Again if you have a concern, go to the person and express it to them directly. If you can’t do that, then pray about it and keep your mouth shut.

The problem is that too many times, we tend to try to fix things the way the world does. That’s not the right thing to do.

I think people act with the best of intentions. However, they don’t understand the damage that can be done.

Most of the time, people who are the victim of gossip, end up leaving the church and even spurn churches and Christians afterward. They may even walk away from God altogether.

I went through that. I deliberately stopped attending local churches for a time. I attended an online church where I felt safe. It took me a long time until I could trust people again.

If you are a pastor or leader, and someone comes to you with a “concern” tell them to talk to the person directly and educate them that what they are doing is gossip. Either that or arrange a meeting with the person in question and the gossiper and get it resolved.

Under no account, should you tell the person being talked about that an anonymous person has expressed a concern.  All you are going to do is tick the person off and create division.

enough said?

Teresa talks to Sanda Allyson of Myrtle Ministries Part 1,.

  • Sanda’s ministry? [0:46]
  • How did Sanda come to know the Lord? [02:48]
  • Was Sanda raised in a Godly home? [04:08]
  • Sanda’s life turmoil? [05:18]
  • Sanda literally felt God hug her and how did that change her relationship with Him? [07:01]
  • Abuse Sanda experienced? [08:00]
  • What did God reveal to Sanda when she was 6? [09:13]
  • What happened as a result of this realization? [09:53]
  • Sanda at a young age recognize this was not ghost experience but spiritual warfare [12:47]
  • Walter Martin’s influence []
  • High School and beyond? [15:50]”]
  • Car accident [16:57]
  • Think of the many reasons Sanda should be dead [22:04]”]
  • In all the time and miracles did God speak to Sanda further? [41:08]”]
  • Seminary? [42:54]”]
  • Sanda is a happy accident happened [47:18]”]
  • Did Sanda actually die? [48:23]”]
  • Out of body experience is a touchy subject [50:18]”]
  • If God is so good how could He allow pain? [52:11]”]


Teresa talks to Sophie Goss Part 2,.

• What lead Sophie to the Lord? [0:45]
• How did Sophie’s life change? [02:52]
• Things do not automatically change overnight [03:44]
• Sophie is still early in her Christian walk [04:48]
• Changes in Sophie [05:07]
• Sophie defines God’s mercy [06:53]
• Are many walking around not knowing how to experience God’s mercy? [07:24]
• Everyone struggles with doing what know not to do [07:59]
• How should Christians approach the New Age Movement? [09:31]
• Oneism? []
• Star Wars The Last Jedi [12:48]”]
• Flee from all evil [14:48]
• Christians help guide eachother [16:33]”]
• Deceiving spirits will come to deceive [16:55]”]
• What is Sophie’s desire? [17:13]”]
• Barriers to trust? [19:36]”]

Teresa talks to Bradley Hopp, he is involved with the human trafficking industry.

• Who is Bradley Hopp [0:46]
• How did Brad get involved in human trafficking industry? [01:36]
• What perils has Brad’s Partner faced in working in the sex trafficking industry, or against it? [02:21]
• How to set up a Bible school in a communist Asian culture? [04:39]
• The underground church in some ways makes American church look pathetic [05:27]
• We are Sunday Christians who do not pursue God [06:51]
• What else is going on with the underground church? [07:16]
• How did his partner get involved in rescuing trafficked girls? [08:02]
• Once the girls are rescued what is the process from there? [10:54]
• What if the girls are pregnant? []
• How long does it take to help the girls to be self-sufficient? [14:21]”]
• How do they select their staff? [14:55]
• Are the police aware? [15:49]”]
• Brad started a store? [16:45]”]
• How to spell the name of the store website. [19:23]”]
• Special announcement from Teresa [23:40]”]
• Final thoughts [25:41]”]


Teresa talks to Mike Gendron, he is with


  • Who is Mike called to reach? [0:40]
  • Roman Catholics are not Christians? [03:20]
  • Make disciples not decisions [04:10]
  • Pagan traditions still followed by Catholics today[05:09]
  • Catholic’s communion   [06:34]
  • Priest calls Jesus down to be part of the communion, priest has more power than God?[07:14]
  • John O’brian quote [07:30]
  • Hebrews [08:16]
  • How does Catholics justify continual sacrifice of Christ?   [09:11]
  • Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers? []
  • Pray to Mary? [12:09]”]
  • Words of Christ about all this. [12:28]
  • Justify elevating Mary? [12:46]”]
  • Catholic church echoing Satan’s words? [14:10]”]
  • Catholic Church and Islam [15:10]”]
  • Mary is the mother of all people forgivenss for all people [16:11]”]
  • Coming of the lawless one [17:10]”]
  • How to test every spirit. [17:46]”]
  • Missing a huge mission field? [19:30]”]
  • Pedophilia [21:50]”]
  • Final thoughts [24:30]”]



Teresa talks to Robert Griswold, from Ready Made Resources

• Robert’s story [1:13]
• Marriage [02:33]
• Serve the Lord, He will bring good things to pass [03:11]
• Back to Robert’s story [03:46]
• Greatest acts of faith also takes the greatest human effort [04:37]
• Global rebellion towards God and His commandments [06:00]
• Only 30% of young men grow up with father in the home [06:24]
• Our nation is under severe judgment and it is only going to get worse [07:18]
• Family is the basics of civilization [07:46]
• When family is destroyed nation is destroyed []
• 60 million abortions [08:50]”]
• Be prepared for destruction [09:30]
• Cities are breaking down [10:20]”]
• Opioid epidemic and Teresa? [11:10]”]
• Jesus is way out of addiction [12:19]”]
• Pornography National Security issue? [12:36]”]
• States have found that porn at young age warps the brain permentaly [13:06]”]
• Ready Made Resources Company [14:51]”]
• Robert’s young years to being part of Ready Made Resources [16:00]”]
• David and Solomon build temple for God [18:12]”]
• Faith with action [18:17]”]
• What is happening in 3rd world countries will happen here [19:26]”]
• In America 2 million kids sell themselves for basic necessities of life [19:33]”]
• Ted Gunderson wrote a book about American Sex Trafficking [21:33]”]
• Deut. 28 [22:03]”]
• We are experiencing the same curses as in Deut. [22:33]”]
• Adolf Hitler admired Islam [24:40]”]
• Robert’s response to non-Christian, and his response to what a Christian is supposed to do? [25:20]”]

Resource Link

Teresa talks to David Arthur, He helps run *Disclaimer not suitable for minors


• How did David get to where he is now? [0:33]
• Love=sex [01:27]
• Overdosed on pills [02:03]
• Move to Philadelphia [02:18]
• Gender confusion? [02:55]
• Ran away from home [03:34]
• HIV Positive [03:59]
• Peers told David to spread the HIV [04:58]
• Lived to be the best “hooker” [05:38]
• Enemy gets us in our thoughts []
• David’s changing point [07:28]”]
• Christian Prison Officer said something? [08:34]
• Gets out of prison [10:05]”]
• Learns to be David again [10:48]”]
• Osteoporsis [11:22]”]
• Full blown AIDS [12:25]”]
• Given less then 3 months to live [13:06]”]
• New was going to Hell [13:44]”]
• Read the Bible [13:57]”]
• Romans [1:27] [14:12]”]
• Cried out to God, “I don’t want to go to hell.” [14:40]”]
• David’s repentance was as detailed as the Bible is [14:58]”]
• In terrible physical pain; but peace and joy in his heart [15:52]”]
• Begged God to take him home because of the pain [16:50]”]
• Death request: God be glorified through his death [17:09]”]
• What happened next? [17:24]”]
• God healed David [17:48]”]
• Lord fed David’s hungry heart [18:05]”]
• Hospice nurses amazed with his health [18:25]”]
• Doctor cannot explain his health [18:43]”]
• HIV not detectable in David’s body [19:38]”]
• David moved to Maine [20:13]”]
• New Doctors do not believe old medical files are David’s [21:15]”]
• What should Christians be aware of with the LGBT community? [22:50]”]
• Recruiting into the lifestyle is molesting [23:35]”]
• Evil movements recruit the youth [25:48]”]
• LGBT go to “church” not for truth but to be self affirmed [26:40]”]
• 1970 and on [27:30]”]
• LGBT words appease them [28:14]”]
• LGBT is a deathstyle not a lifestyle [29:03]”]
• Opposite of homosexuality is free [29:12]”]
• Bisexuality does not exist [29:25]”]
• Man lay with a woman outside of wedlock is fornication [29:48]”]
• Homosexuality is an attack on God’s creation [30:09]”]
• Sodomy is a crime against nature [30:27]”]
• Gay is happy not deathstyle [30:44]”]
• Start using God’s words [30:54]”]
• LGBT not only want to be accepted but also accepted legally [33:00]”]
• Legal rights are about laying the foundation [33:20]”]
• LGBT movement absorbs other evil movements [33:50]”]
• Islam books say? [34:54]”]
• Gay friendly Mosk in NY[36:00]”]
• Rights? [39:15]”]


Teresa talks to Sophie Goss, a mother of a special needs child, who was in the new age movement and recently became a believer.

• Sophie’s religious upbringing? [0:56]
• Sophie at age 18 [01:48]
• Sophie saw the religious trappings, but not relationship with Christ [03:14]
• So what happened at age 18? [03:35]
• Sophie seeking to understand herself better [04:57]
• New Age Practices [05:20]
• Sophie’s 20’s [06:46]
• Sophie gets married [07:02]
• Life of the Mind [07:28]
• 2010? []
• Sophie meets a female Shaman [09:20]”]
• Unitarian Church what is it? [10:08]
• What happened when Sophie takes things seriously with the Shaman [11:20]”]
• Sophie’s husband moves far away [12:40]”]
• We do not see ourselves [13:05]”]
• What did it look like when Sophie got involved with divination [13:52]”]
• Gates of hell started to open [15:39]”]
• At this time did Sophie ever say hey I don’t want to do this? [16:08]”]
• Sophie become pregnant [17:20]”]
• Extremely lengthy labor and Shaman was there [18:25]”]
• Daughter and health problems [18:50]”]
• Sophie reaching out for help [19:20]”]
• Sunday school songs came to Sophie’s mind to sing to daughter [19:40]”]
• Sophie also tries to manipulate reality [20:16]”]
• Sophie is spiritually confused [20:35]”]
• Gets worse? [20:40]”]
• Sophie takes her daughter to live with Sophie’s Christian grandmother[22:25]”]
• Scary things happening? [22:45]”]
• Grandmother was not aware of any of this [24:14]”]
• Help people cross over [24:50]”]
• Enemy knows our needs [25:33]”]
• Daughter started saying things that were scary, grandma was getting scared [26:11]”]
• Grandma picked up Sophie was involved in the occult [26:25]”]
• Grandma was praying Sophie was scared [27:08]”]
• Christian radio Klove [27:44]”]
• What happened when playing KLove in the car? [28:50]”]
• Song You Lift Me Up [29:40]”]
• What happened next? Spiritual warfare/Sophie’s turning point. [30:15]”]