Angels on Watch

See him hanging high on a tree
Powerless it seems
Defeated beaten and alone

I and my legion on watch above
Waiting for his distress call
We’ll step in and bear him home

I can’t take it anymore Lord let me loose,
And I’ll slay your enemies I’ll make them pay
They hurt your son how can that not hurt you

Why do you sit there Lord looking away
Its your son hanging on that tree
Why do you let this continue

As his life neared ii’s end
I and my host hung our heads in defeat
We’ve lost its plain to see

Was this really your plan Lord
To let him die in vain

Suddenly he lifted his thorm crowned head
With eyes that pierced the souls of men
With one final breath he screamed
“It is finished!” and gave up his spirit

Just then the order came
“Go and Rend the veil
Now I dwell with men”

Finally my host and I understand
Old things have become new
Jesus is the sacrificed lamb

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