• Melissa talks about how she should have died years ago from abortion. [01:02]

• What happened after she was saved from death? [02:53]

• Did her mother really want to abort her? [03:42]

• Who forced Melissa’s mother to abort her? [03:50]

• What happened when Melissa came out of the womb alive? [06:05]

• What happened to Melissa growing up? [08:03]

• What happened when she found out they wanted to abort her as a baby? [08:56]

• How did Melissa find out it wasn’t her mom choice to abort her? [11:35]

• How did it feel to meet her birth mother for the first time? [12:45]

• How is the relationship between Melissa and her mother now? [14:03]

• Advice to person who have come in contact with abortion. [14:11]

• Advice to those who believe they have a choice to choose to do abortion. [15:21]

• How long have abortion been going on and why? [17:40]

• Advice to persons considering abortion. [19:10]

• Important advice to Christians listening to this episode. [20:26]

• What part did Melissa’s faith play in her healing process? [21:39]

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