In this episode of The Unresolved Life, Teresa sits with Pastor Cliff Alderson, host of the Rev it Up Podcast, a car enthusiast and the only blind auto mechanic with a degree. They discuss some of the work being done by Pastor Cliff and how he has been used by God to reach out with the gospel, using his passion for cars as a tool.

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Conversation Highlights

[00:55] Teresa shares a website that helps check the quality of your water,

[01:24] Cliff Alderson introduces himself as a pastor and a blind mechanic, who also runs a podcast to give hope to those in need.

[02:27] How God inspired the podcast that combines God and cars during this Covid19 pandemic – The Rev It Up Podcast

[04:00] Cliff’s Background in the church from childhood, including his love for cars from as at age 3

[05:19] How losing his sight affected Cliff’s faith in God, but then the realization that Satan was using lies to take advantage of the situation.

[06:34] Who is the target audience for the Rev It Up Podcast?

[08:25] The biggest hang-up with many car lovers is sin, they take the car as an idol over God.

[08:59] God is an engineer

[10:36] What does the Rev it Up Podcast hope to accomplish?

[11:45] Be inspired that you have plenty of gifts that you could use

[12:12] How to reach out to Cliff ( ),

To find the Rev It Up Podcast, visit

[13:00] The Rev It Up Podcast is on the Unresolved Podcast Network ( )

[13:20] If God has called you to something he will equip you to do it


Remarkable Quotes:

[06:09] “God hasn’t quit on me, He still cares”

[08:52] “God created engineering”

[11:27] “God planned all this long before we were ever here”

[11:57] “People forget what their gifts are and how to use them”

[13:43] “Who has God called you to reach?”

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