CPS Truth Now is a podcast that hopes to deliver the TRUTH about how child protective services is NOT truly protecting our children. Many children are abused, trafficked, disillusioned, as well as mentally, physically, & politically disenfranchised, and yes, even death comes to them. We are here to establish the truth behind the many horrific stories that run across the United States that are the true nature of how CPS is harming our children and NOT helping or even protecting them.

In which episode of CPS Truth Now, Teresa(our guest host) and Mike talks with Adam about his horrific and heart wrenching experiences with CPS, revealing the dark side of Child Protecting Services.

What to listen for:

  • Kidnapping just got legal!
  • Are you too required to take parenting classes to prevent a child from being legally kidnapped?
  • We got one last time to see our grandson.
  • Seek the difference between being angry vs being adamant.
  • Is slaughterhouse the new name for foster houses?

Conversation highlights:

  • [01:26] Teresa is the new guest host. Find out what’s the reason! 
  • [04:39] Why he was taken away?
  • [06:38] A parent is required to take parenting classes. But why? This is insanity! 
  • [08:36] She completed everything that they asked her to do. Yet her child was taken away. 
  • [11:36] They lied about the resources they can provide to my daughter and her son.
  • [15:36] CPS, by itself, is a pack of bloodthirsty jackals. How to get away from their claws? (MUST LISTEN) 
  • [22:26] As long as we allow people to tear apart our families, we allow people to tear apart our society.
  • [28:30] It is heart-wrenching to see your family torn apart!

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