Something to think about as the summer months begin.  

Summer is busy for a lot of people and slow paced for others. For some people, it means a loss of income – school bus drivers, cooks, professors and the like. For those in construction, it is a really busy time

The same is true for churches. Many churches put weekly activities on hold – choir, special services, limited Sunday school classes. The main emphasis for churches in the summer season is VBS. I know at our church we had about 165 kids who had an absolute blast. Four of them were saved and others grew closer to the Lord as they asked a lot of questions. 

As a pastor, I would encourage all of us to stay active in our faith by reading or listening to the Bible daily, by spending time in prayer for others and for ourselves, and for seeking to soak in Jesus’ presence and peace, which we definitely need. Sometimes we just need to be quiet and drink in a big gulp of Jesus, then share Him with those in our sphere of influence.

If you are not a Christian, any of us at Unresolved would be glad to point you in the right direction. You can begin a relationship with Him at any time. Just give everything you know of yourself to everything you know about Jesus, and let Him take the next move.

This summer, let us be resolved to get and stay close to Jesus and share Him with the world.

Pastor John

Shavuot (means “weeks” and/or what most know as Pentecost) is this Sunday. I thought it a good idea to offer a quick synopsis of the Feast, and why it is a gift for Christians to celebrate it. It is a Feast, which displays the faithfulness of the Father. They all do, but this seems to be a sweet and clear picture of a renewed marriage with our Betrothed.

Oh this love, that will not let us go! As we count each day, leading up to Shavuot, we acknowledge His faithfulness and long suffering. Oh, this love. All praise and glory to the King of Kings!

Shabbat Shalom,

“You Know You’re About to Become a Senior Citizen When …” a little humor!

“You Know You’re About to Become a Senior Citizen When …” a little humor! This bit of humor comes to us from the book “The Treasury of Clean Seniors’ Jokes” by Tal D. Bonham and Jack Gulledge. This book is in honor of my family, especially my sisters, and in memory of my late brother-in-law, Dan, who was a kind man with a great sense of humor.
a senior citizen

“You know you’re about to become a senior citizen when …

The grandkids come home and tell you about what they learned in history, and you remember studying about the same subjects in current events class.
You decide procrastination is the best approach to life but you never get around to it.
You walk with your head held high because you are trying to get used to your bifocals.
You look forward to a dull evening.
Your knees buckle but your belt won’t.
Burning the midnight oil means staying up past 9 P.M.
Your back goes out more than you do.
You sink your teeth into a steak and they stay there.
You bend over to tie your shoes and look around to see if there’s something else you can do while you are down there.
You sit in a rocking chair and you can’t get it going.

One problem that was unresolved has been fixed. Thankful!

I want to thank the Lord for several things that God did for me today. For the past two to three weeks, we have had water leaking on to the floor around the Air Conditioner. I have put bleach, yeast, a snake (plumbing kind, not animal kind!), and used a plunger to get the water to go down the drain. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing would fix or prevent the water from leaking into the hallway. 

The problem was getting worse, so I went across the street to see if Josh had a wet/dry vac so I could at least get some of the mess cleaned up. He did, so I worked on that, then began to study how to fix this problem. Josh came over and then the adventure began!

To unclog the drain line, it took a huge compressor/blower which we borrowed from the neighbor right behind our house, then Josh took his wet/dry vac outside and used it to suck water out of the drain pipe, which was at the end of the house. Nothing was coming out because there was clog which blocked the drain completely. It took a plumbing snake, a long stick, a garden hose, one compressor, one wet/dry vac, and a lot of work to fix the problem. Thank you, Lord, for my two neighbors, the right tools, the right picture in our heads to be able to fix it, a very willing neighbor (Josh) who stayed with it until it was fixed. Praise the Lord for this A/C being fixed!

It feels good in this house, and the floor is dry! Thank you, Lord, for this answered prayer, for great neighbors, and this problem is fixed. It is resolved, and I am a happy camper! 

While studying Sarah and the conception of Isaac, the Father sees and remembers her. He visits her. She is noticed by the Father, and a son is born. This made me dig a bit deeper into what happens when the Father visits us–when we draw near to Him.

I considered, “What does it mean to ‘Know’ and ‘Be Known'”? In Scripture, this is verbiage for “begetting”, yet we say to our Savior, “I want to know you more”. What are we saying? We want to bear fruit in His Image. This part of Scripture made me realize our desire for Him, for knowing Him, and the result of that “Knowing”.

Join me in this discovery of what happens when our Betrothed answers our quest for “Knowing”.

Shabbat Shalom,


A special announcement – a fundraiser to help a couple of friends. Please help!

From now until the last day of this month, I am selling my C.D., “Songs and Prayers for Seniors” (playlist below) for $15.00, delivered by U.S. mail. 

This is being done as a fundraiser for a couple who have helped me set up and maintain my website, Michael and Teresa Blaes. They have had some major expenses this month due to flooding in their home. My goal is to raise at least $100 to help with these needs. A portion from each C.D. will go to them.

Here is the playlist for this C.D.

Track 1 – Opening prayer
Track 2 – Wondrous Love
Track 3 – Talking to my Soul
Track 4 – Wrinkly Old Woman, Wobbly Old Man
Track 5– Sufficient
Track 6– Too Tired to Think
Track 7– Healing Prayer
Track 8– Senior Hymn
Track 9 – I Am Acceptable
Track 10 – A Musical Blessing
Track 11 – About this C.D. And website.
Track 12 – Closing prayer

To order, please contact me by e-mail for details. I accept payment by check or PayPal donation on the website, both links are below. 
(I will send you my mailing address so you can send a check. When I receive the check, I will mail you a C.D. the next day.)
Click the “donate” button on the right-hand side. You can donate by PayPal or Debit or Master Card. I will need your address, either in the “comments” section of PayPal or by sending an e-mail to the link above.


So we are finishing out our second week in a hotel and waiting for our home to be cleaned out and made right after a flood. As I was praying, and thinking,  my heart was very heavy over a lot of things. Then the Lord quietly spoke to me.  

“Your heart is like that house.” I knew in a moment exactly what he meant. Just like they have to go into the house, drain out all that disgusting water, and clean up afterword, in the same way, these past two weeks have been surfacing a lot of deep wounds and hurts and Sin that has been lingering in my own heart. Some were of my own making, others were inflicted on me, all of it needed dealing with.  

Can you relate? Have you carried deep wounds that you have not spoken of, or admitted to in some cases years?  

You know how it is, you run, and run, doing things both for God, and trying to scrape out a living, while all the while you carry this baggage that you may or may not even know about? 

I challenge you to let God surface those things and heal them. It might get bloody, there may be some pain in the presses but the end result will be that you are turned in to something fit to be used for his glory.  

Trust me, I am not speaking without experience in this area, I am in a season of walking this path myself.  

However, I know that God is faithful, and he will complete the work he began in me.  

Do not resist this, when he starts to work things out of you.  

I look forward to your thoughts, and I would ask for your prayers during this time both that we can get back in our home, and that God would heal all the areas coming to light in my life.  

God bless,  

Teresa Blaes 

We are now discussing the 4th and final cup of the Passover Seder. This is the Cup of Praise. At this time, we praise Elohim for freeing us from our slavery, and giving us new life. It is also the cup that we will drink at the wedding supper of The Lamb.

With the Children of Israel, this was the time when they met with Elohim at The Mountain. Elohim gave the requirements for the Marriage Covenant between them, and the people said, “WE DO!”. This is a foreshadow of what our Wedding Day will be like, at the Wedding Supper of The Lamb–our Wedding Day with Him! Oh, the Celebration! No wonder it is called the “Cup of Praise!”

Here’s to New Life and freedom in Messiah Yeshua! Next year, we celebrate in New Jerusalem!

Be blessed, fellow Bride! Our Wedding Day draws near!

Shabbat Shalom,


Honoring some courageous people this week

There are three people I want to honor for their courage this week. Well, really there are four, but two of them are married, so that counts as three.

First off, I want to honor the founders of this blog, Michael and Teresa Blaes, who have been put out of their house due to flooding. They, their daughter, and three cats have been holed up in a hotel for over a week. In spite of the obstacles, they still managed to keep giving updates on their progress, and Teresa kept doing two blogs per day – from the hotel room. Kudos to them.

Secondly, I want to honor Miss Hetti, who will be 96 years old on May 27. She is amazing. She still drives to Bible study and everywhere else she needs to go. She is courageous to just keep plugging away.

Finally, I want to honor a very courageous site member who gave her testimony on Facebook. She has come out of so much darkness, and the Lord has flooded His light into her heart and continues to do so.

I want to honor Jesus also for a great Bible study on Tuesday. Praise the Lord!

This video discusses the 3rd cup of the Passover Seder, The Cup of Redemption. The Bride-to-be has been chosen, the price for her has been paid, and now it is deciding time. With the Children of Israel, they were free, but they still had to decide to go. Did they want to go into the unknown–into the desert–with Elohim, or stay in what they knew? For us, do we want to go into the unknown with this Bridegroom, or stay in what we know? The price has been paid.

It is now our turn to decide. In ancient Jewish Wedding proposals, it is now time for the potential Bride to make the decision. Will we accept the proposal? He waits for our answer.

Blessings to you, fellow Bride. Oh, how He loves us.

Shabbat Shalom,