Kings and Priests as the Sons and Daughters of the King–the Children of God–have a role, even now. We have a role to Keep The Way–Protecting the Walk! We do this by doing righteousness, according to Genesis 18:19. It is a very “thick” verse which is a beautiful picture of the discipling of His Children for their Kingdom roles.

He does this with His Children, of whom He KNOWS. This is not just a casual “knowing”, but a deep and intimate knowing. He teaches us how to “Preserve” the Way! Join me as I go through this verse, and uncover the beautiful plan for His Children, as He trains us as His chosen Priests and Kings!

Shabbat Shalom,


For most of us, we have taken on the role of Bond-servant unto the LORD. It is a role devoted to the Father. However, within that role, we are also called to care for each other: “Love the LORD your God…. love your neighbor as yourself”. What happens when we need refreshment? What happens when others do? Who cares for them? Yes, the Father sends His Holy Spirit to tend, but He also sends us.

Genesis 18 shows the joy and immediate care of Abraham toward others. He gives a beautiful blueprint for how we are to care for weary, and down-trodden, fellow Bond-servants. We are in this together. We are servants of the Most High God. Join me as I attempt to unfold this beautiful blueprint of service.

Shabbat Shalom,


This week’s post reminds us of this truth: “There is Power in the Blood”

The song, “There is Power in the Blood” was written by Lewis Edgar Jones, who was born in 1865. He was a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, in the same class as famous evangelist Billy Sunday. The link below gives the full story and the scriptural references related to this song. After the link is the words to this anointed song.  First the link, then the words.

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We find ourselves in the fire, and cry out to God for rescue! Genesis 15:6-7 speaks of God taking us out of the fire, all to give us His inheritance! Oh, these fires! What is He allowing? Why? He is refining us for His Kingdom work–fires of His loving kindness! Say what?? All we know to do is trust Him, as He takes us through–all for His Kingdom purposes!

Join me in this sweet description of His loving kindness, for those in the Seed of Abraham–THE SEED, which is Yeshua. He is a consuming fire, equipping us for the fight at hand–the defending of the Kingdom of God! Know who you are, in Messiah Yeshua! Amen and Hallelujah!

Shabbat Shalom,


I had a good laugh at the eyeglass repair place this morning. My left lens came out, so I had to take it in to get it fixed. I wanted to have some fun with the owner, so I walked in and said: “I’ve got a screw loose – again.” “Again?” he said? I had been there before for the same problem.

He went on to tell me that he uses Loc-tite when he does this repair and he couldn’t believe that happened again. He thought maybe it was the screw was stripped out. (So I’ve got a loose screw and a stripped gear? Nice.) He assured me “Nope. That’s got a good bite to it.” By the end of the eyeglass repair, I had a loose screw, a stripped gear, and now I was hungry! All it all, that little adventure turned out to quite entertaining!

Have a joy-filled day!
Pastor John

What is “stone”, and “white” (“pure”), and “red” (brick) all over? Our self-built, self saving towers! We are very active in saving ourselves–so much, that we become our own “Savior”. That is a “high place” against God. And, every high place must come down! Our own bricks are covered with tar from the pit. They must be torn down, and rebuilt by The Hand of Our Creator, making us a New Creation, a Living Stone, covered in HIS pitch—HIS Covering—HIS Atonement!

We are Living Stones, covered by the Blood of Yeshua! We are covered in His Atonement. Our own atonement leaves us confused and failing. He is our fortress, and in HIM we are a New Creation!

Hallelujah! Stay low, and HE ALONE will lift us up!

Shabbat Shalom,


I want to tell you how God protected us on I-20 at about 70 miles per hour!


Damage from blow out on the interstate

God protected us

We had some trauma today, which showed that the Lord was in control and was seriously protecting us in a blowout on the interstate. It was the back driver side tire that came apart – not really a blow-out. We noticed it was shaking really bad as we were coming on to I-20 in Mississippi. We were on our way home from a shopping trip with Karen’s mom. After about 15 seconds of shaking, the tire went kaput. With God’s help, I was able to hang on to the steering wheel and get it off the road. We figured it was just a flat, but it also did some damage to the back quarter panel and back door.  God protected us from people flying around our blown tire, coming quickly by us as we stood there trying to get hold of insurance, rental company, and tow truck. Very confusing process. Definitely unresolved at that time, and even now as we wait to find out our estimate and how long it will take to get it fixed. Still, God is in control the whole way!

The physical trauma is starting to kick in. The emotional trauma will last awhile. God is getting us through this, but it is very frustrating. God has protected us so very much, and we are thankful. At this point (two days after the incident), we have many people praying for us, for which we are grateful. God is faithful and will bring us through. He will do the same for you. If you need to talk or need prayer, contact me at

If you are unresolved, as we all are sometimes, I will be glad to listen to you and pray you through. Sometimes we all need support.

Pastor John

episode delayed

Hi all,  just wanted to let you know that the next episode will be delayed till tomorrow.  We were out of town for a surgery for our daughter.


I apologize for any inconvenience,

Unresolved Life Team

We have been paid at a price.

We are the Bride of Yeshua.

We are vessels of His Light in the vast sea of darkness.

We proclaim Him! We proclaim His love! We proclaim our redemption! These three have a commonality, and the Holy Spirit taught beautifully! May you enjoy all He has for you, as you shine His Light in the Darkness. He is Worthy of our Praise! He is worthy of our proclamation!

Just like so many stories in the Bible, the story of the Ark, is such a beautiful picture of our restoration and new LIFE in Yeshua. Enjoy, and know your worth in HIS Kingdom.

Shabbat Shalom