Something to think about as the summer months begin.  

Summer is busy for a lot of people and slow paced for others. For some people, it means a loss of income – school bus drivers, cooks, professors and the like. For those in construction, it is a really busy time

The same is true for churches. Many churches put weekly activities on hold – choir, special services, limited Sunday school classes. The main emphasis for churches in the summer season is VBS. I know at our church we had about 165 kids who had an absolute blast. Four of them were saved and others grew closer to the Lord as they asked a lot of questions. 

As a pastor, I would encourage all of us to stay active in our faith by reading or listening to the Bible daily, by spending time in prayer for others and for ourselves, and for seeking to soak in Jesus’ presence and peace, which we definitely need. Sometimes we just need to be quiet and drink in a big gulp of Jesus, then share Him with those in our sphere of influence.

If you are not a Christian, any of us at Unresolved would be glad to point you in the right direction. You can begin a relationship with Him at any time. Just give everything you know of yourself to everything you know about Jesus, and let Him take the next move.

This summer, let us be resolved to get and stay close to Jesus and share Him with the world.

Pastor John

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