Honoring some courageous people this week

There are three people I want to honor for their courage this week. Well, really there are four, but two of them are married, so that counts as three.

First off, I want to honor the founders of this blog, Michael and Teresa Blaes, who have been put out of their house due to flooding. They, their daughter, and three cats have been holed up in a hotel for over a week. In spite of the obstacles, they still managed to keep giving updates on their progress, and Teresa kept doing two blogs per day – from the hotel room. Kudos to them.

Secondly, I want to honor Miss Hetti, who will be 96 years old on May 27. She is amazing. She still drives to Bible study and everywhere else she needs to go. She is courageous to just keep plugging away.

Finally, I want to honor a very courageous site member who gave her testimony on Facebook. She has come out of so much darkness, and the Lord has flooded His light into her heart and continues to do so.

I want to honor Jesus also for a great Bible study on Tuesday. Praise the Lord!

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