One problem that was unresolved has been fixed. Thankful!

I want to thank the Lord for several things that God did for me today. For the past two to three weeks, we have had water leaking on to the floor around the Air Conditioner. I have put bleach, yeast, a snake (plumbing kind, not animal kind!), and used a plunger to get the water to go down the drain. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing would fix or prevent the water from leaking into the hallway. 

The problem was getting worse, so I went across the street to see if Josh had a wet/dry vac so I could at least get some of the mess cleaned up. He did, so I worked on that, then began to study how to fix this problem. Josh came over and then the adventure began!

To unclog the drain line, it took a huge compressor/blower which we borrowed from the neighbor right behind our house, then Josh took his wet/dry vac outside and used it to suck water out of the drain pipe, which was at the end of the house. Nothing was coming out because there was clog which blocked the drain completely. It took a plumbing snake, a long stick, a garden hose, one compressor, one wet/dry vac, and a lot of work to fix the problem. Thank you, Lord, for my two neighbors, the right tools, the right picture in our heads to be able to fix it, a very willing neighbor (Josh) who stayed with it until it was fixed. Praise the Lord for this A/C being fixed!

It feels good in this house, and the floor is dry! Thank you, Lord, for this answered prayer, for great neighbors, and this problem is fixed. It is resolved, and I am a happy camper! 

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