A special announcement – a fundraiser to help a couple of friends. Please help!

From now until the last day of this month, I am selling my C.D., “Songs and Prayers for Seniors” (playlist below) for $15.00, delivered by U.S. mail. 

This is being done as a fundraiser for a couple who have helped me set up and maintain my website, Michael and Teresa Blaes. They have had some major expenses this month due to flooding in their home. My goal is to raise at least $100 to help with these needs. A portion from each C.D. will go to them.

Here is the playlist for this C.D.

Track 1 – Opening prayer
Track 2 – Wondrous Love
Track 3 – Talking to my Soul
Track 4 – Wrinkly Old Woman, Wobbly Old Man
Track 5– Sufficient
Track 6– Too Tired to Think
Track 7– Healing Prayer
Track 8– Senior Hymn
Track 9 – I Am Acceptable
Track 10 – A Musical Blessing
Track 11 – About this C.D. And website.
Track 12 – Closing prayer

To order, please contact me by e-mail for details. I accept payment by check or PayPal donation on the website, both links are below. 

(I will send you my mailing address so you can send a check. When I receive the check, I will mail you a C.D. the next day.)

Click the “donate” button on the right-hand side. You can donate by PayPal or Debit or Master Card. I will need your address, either in the “comments” section of PayPal or by sending an e-mail to the link above.


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