Blood Remedy

Infection, burrowing beneath the skin 

a soulish disease, calling forth memories and flashbacks  no one wants to relive.

Yet I know what’s needed

an antiseptic of his blood to cleanse and mend

but that means facing reality.

The thought of that makes me cringe.

Bury this thing deep 

But your eyes see past this mask I portray,

Down where soul and spirit play.

Nothing is hidden from your sight,

Even the deepest darkness is as open to you, as the brightest light.

So then, its time to come clean.

Wash myself with his blood remedy.



State of the Union

On this day we celebrate freedom ringing ever more

we contemplate the cost of being  held in tyranny’s scorn.

A simple question was asked, Mister Jefferson what have we been given??

His response still rings in history’s halls,

“A republic, if you can keep it.

The Enigma

I am a mystery, an enigma,
striving to live in the realm of the undefined.
I am but dust carried away,
upon the wings of eternity.
Yet even in this,
I can not deny,
the omnipresent hand,
that remains my guide.


Pilate’s Plight

“What is truth?”  asked Pilate perplexed

As the author of truth stood before him.

Yet when the nails were driven and the scourging complete

and it was all said and done,

could He ever forget the one

who spoke not a word

While the masses mocked and cursed?

Then on the third

God put death in reverse.

Now I can’t help but wonder

Was Pilate astounded

When twelve men once scattered,

Now in boldness proclaimed

Resurrection from the grave?


Fast Food Media

We’re happy and free, in our own greed,

Too bad we can’t see the shallow pit waiting

To take us in, Yet even when we’ve fallen,

We are comforted by the melodies they’re playing

You are one of us, We know what’s best for you,

Just take your medicine

And on blind faith

the sound bite, the spin machine

Always working behind the scene

Serving up Your TV dinner

Here now little sheep,

Trade in your narrow sight for blinded eyes

And we will be your sighted guides

Down the darkened narrow streets of morality

Stop that idea forming in your head,

Resist the temptation to defect

Everything we’ve done was to protect

our great society

And now we’ve finished,

Your glassy eyes confirm

You’re a walking zombie

Desert Traipse

There you were, always shifting

Guess I always thought that you would be there.

But I did not realize that you were slipping away,

Not till I awoke to discover it was too late.

I remember it like yesterday,

The day I went under the knife,

The Doc swore he’d do all he could,

To restore my temporal sight.

But in that moment time stood still.

With pokes and prods I learned heaven’s will.

Too much scarring I heard him say,

And then a temporal cadaver remained

Everything I thought once mattered

My faith once strong, now shredded and shattered.

Years I traipsed through that desert waste.

Heaven was to blame 

Went to the church when it was expected

Only to retreat, his message rejected.

Yet even still an ember remained ,

and if I listened I’d hear his whisper.

Slowly the ember brightened to a spark.

Death transformed to life inside my heart.

I still lack temporal vision,

But with ears wide open I’ve begun to listen.

Eternity is just a breath away,

And on that day I will see the face,

Of the one who bore the nails and took my place.


The triumph

Gaze upon the horizon and see 

the blackened chard ruins of long lost dreams.

as inward realities of fears untold,

Chills the blood while running through veins so cold.

Eternal thievery committed

to the the hands of destruction we were given.

Does anyone truly understand,

When darkness so blind gripped the land?

and it’s double edged sword, was held aloft

in victorious triumph over those who were lost.

Then a hand gleaming with nail riddled bloodstains,

reached to break the powers of the night,

Death’s grip was melted away,

and the captive received eternal sight.