What is “stone”, and “white” (“pure”), and “red” (brick) all over? Our self-built, self saving towers! We are very active in saving ourselves–so much, that we become our own “Savior”. That is a “high place” against God. And, every high place must come down! Our own bricks are covered with tar from the pit. They must be torn down, and rebuilt by The Hand of Our Creator, making us a New Creation, a Living Stone, covered in HIS pitch—HIS Covering—HIS Atonement!

We are Living Stones, covered by the Blood of Yeshua! We are covered in His Atonement. Our own atonement leaves us confused and failing. He is our fortress, and in HIM we are a New Creation!

Hallelujah! Stay low, and HE ALONE will lift us up!

Shabbat Shalom,


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