I had a good laugh at the eyeglass repair place this morning. My left lens came out, so I had to take it in to get it fixed. I wanted to have some fun with the owner, so I walked in and said: “I’ve got a screw loose – again.” “Again?” he said? I had been there before for the same problem.

He went on to tell me that he uses Loc-tite when he does this repair and he couldn’t believe that happened again. He thought maybe it was the screw was stripped out. (So I’ve got a loose screw and a stripped gear? Nice.) He assured me “Nope. That’s got a good bite to it.” By the end of the eyeglass repair, I had a loose screw, a stripped gear, and now I was hungry! All it all, that little adventure turned out to quite entertaining!

Have a joy-filled day!
Pastor John

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