• Green grinch on blue background

    Has the Grinch Stolen Your Christmas?

    Has the Grinch Stolen Your Christmas?
    by Dr. Jeff Schreve
    Without a doubt, Christmas is to be a time of GREAT JOY. On that first Christmas night, [...]
  • Why Shema (Hear and Obey)? Checking the Heart Condition

    What is Shema? Shema means to Hear and Obey. We can hear and we can obey, but do we do them with the right heart?

    The Holy Spirit taught as I [...]
  • Making a Portable (Mini) Hanukkiah

    For many of you, this may be your first Hanukkah. For my first, I wanted my own Hanukkiah (9-branched Menorah). So, I searched the web, and found [...]
  • three allen wrenches

    Laying Things Down

    Laying Things Down
    I have a habit that drives me nuts, and causes me a lot of anxiety. At this moment, it is frustrating me and discouraging me. [...]
  • Turkey eating a pie

    Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789

    Where has our country gone?  This proclamation was made in 1789. And to think that people still miss the point that our country was founded on [...]
  • Pastor John Day and his wife Karen


    I want to take this opportunity to thank several people that have made, and continue to make, a difference in my life, and made this writing and [...]
  • Yeshua: The Way and Lead Archer

    Shabbat Shalom (Sabbath Peace)!

    This year, The Father has had me writing through the Torah (Genesis-Deuteronomy). As I go, I am diving into many [...]
  • three old rotary phones

    Talking to my Soul

    Talking to My Soul

    Vs. 1
    Sometimes I have to give myself instructions. I have to say things to my soul. I don't want to head into destruction, [...]
  • Architecture, Hymns, Cross

    Senior Hymn

    Senior Hymn
    Verse 1:
    I give you tribute. I give you praise. Lord if I'm able, my hands I'll raise. My heart says thank you for staying near. Even [...]
  • still working on it

    Still Working On It

    Does God toy with those he loves?
    Or is this just a question of learning to trust?
    I’m trying,
    but I’m not like the saints of old,
    who by faith [...]

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