Senior Struggle at Wendy’s

I went to Wendy’s and got two four for fours. Fortunately, my wonderful helper suggested “you might as well write it down.” That was a helpful suggestion. We also made it the same for both
orders, so that helped too. That’s the easy part.

Now for the confusion, the senior struggle. Wendy’s is on the right once I turned on the road just past the interstate. I knew this and was confident in it. But for some reason, I didn’t see it when I turned in, so I kept going until I could make a U-turn and go the other side of the road. I thought I remembered it wrong.

That wasn’t right either, so I did another U-turn and saw what I was looking for – Wendy’s, right where I thought it was.  List in hand, ready to order, no problem. I got up to the register and told them what I wanted – two four for fours, both the same – oh, and two chocolate Frosty’s … and a senior citizen discount. (That’s too many details for me to handle with any confidence.) Fortunately, I got the discount, so a praise there. (In my mind, I was wondering “what’s in the four for four? Does it include the Frosty’s? Did I mess up the order?)

I say all that to say this – if you suffer from confusion, your value has not decreased, God’s love remains unconditional, and grace is still in full force. When this confusion occurs, it is okay to be frustrated (at least I hope it is), but its not worth hanging on to. Confusion is not who we are, and does not determine our worth. Jesus still died for us, and we still belong to Him. This is the truth that you and I need to hang on to.

Seniors may have moments of confusion or memory loss, along with other struggles – we all have them … but they are temporary. This is what I need to remember, as I refocus my attention back on Jesus.

A little long, but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Pastor John

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