Minnistry Partners

Below are our Unresolved Life Ministry Partners. We only list companies and organizations that we have a personal relationship with.

Many ministries provide either counseling or deliverance. Myrtle Ministries provides a unique, three-pillar approach to inner healing by combining counseling to address trauma, wounding and negative life patterns, with spiritual warfare to address bondage, together with a strong discipleship component.

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Teshuah Tea is a company dedicated to the rescue of girls out of human sex trafficking they by God’s grace restore them, and then teach them a trade selling their product online we here at Unresolved life Ministries are honored to partner with this company.

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Read and Reach Out, Come to Find Out if Our Community is For You We would love to offer a safe place for one to experience God in their pain. To stop and see if God can use me, then He wants to use you too. Have you been abused as a child? You are welcome here! Is your marriage broken? Mine too! Disabled? Your children have disabilities? Yup, got that in my story. Live on a fixed income? Oh, ya I know what that is! I am sure whatever your struggle is, God will use my words to touch your heart. Consider opening your heart to Him and seeing where He can take you.

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