Teresa talks to Bradley Hopp, he is involved with the human trafficking industry.

• Who is Bradley Hopp [0:46]
• How did Brad get involved in human trafficking industry? [01:36]
• What perils has Brad’s Partner faced in working in the sex trafficking industry, or against it? [02:21]
• How to set up a Bible school in a communist Asian culture? [04:39]
• The underground church in some ways makes American church look pathetic [05:27]
• We are Sunday Christians who do not pursue God [06:51]
• What else is going on with the underground church? [07:16]
• How did his partner get involved in rescuing trafficked girls? [08:02]
• Once the girls are rescued what is the process from there? [10:54]
• What if the girls are pregnant? []
• How long does it take to help the girls to be self-sufficient? [14:21]”]
• How do they select their staff? [14:55]
• Are the police aware? [15:49]”]
• Brad started a store? [16:45]”]
• How to spell the name of the store website. [19:23]”]
• Special announcement from Teresa [23:40]”]
• Final thoughts [25:41]”]


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