What is Yom Kippur?

This week we ask the question what is Yom Kippur also known as the Jewish day of atonement. Was Christ’s death on the cross a simple matter of payment for our Sin? Or was there a deeper meaning? We ask this and more

A Video about Yom Kippur

the Need for Atonement – A Prophetic Look at Yom Kippur from Ruach Ministries International on Vimeo.


Landra’s Interview on Rosh Hashanah

White paper on the Jewish Day of Atonement 

In this episode, I go a little bit random and Mike and I speak on many
different topics, such as video game addiction, and what happens when you fall into Sin, and the steps you should take to get yourself out.



Our previous episode on video game addiction

The Interview with Sanda Allyson on Spiritual Warfare

Sanda’s Website https://myrtleministries.com

This week I sit down with the producer of the Unresolved Life podcast, who also happens to be my husband and we ask a very heartfelt, but
simple question, what to do when the church fails you? We talk about a few different examples including a report that came out about the
Catholic church. A note, this podcast is best not heard by little kids.


Detailed Show notes coming soon

Teresa interviews MickTempleton about how he came to Christ, and almost lost everything.

• How did Mick come to know the Lord? [00:24]
• Family in a cult? [05:14]
• Bible College [06:16]
• God doesn’t call the equipped [08:39]
• Mick knew God was real before fully knowing God [09:18]
• Mick left Bible college [10:49]
• What happened to Mick when in the ministry? [11:57]
• His wife left [19:53]
• Mick was not welcome in his denomination [22:49]
• Mad at God? [23:37]
• Persecution? [24:57]
• Not inherit the Kingdom of God? [28:21]
• Knowing God’s Book [31:31]
• Many believe if the church says I am good, then I am good with God [38:22]
• People who have storms in life and those who do not [40:10]
Is there a problem with the church, or I am stuck in this sin [43:30]


Micks Facebook Page

Mick’s Writings

Mick’s Email

Interview with Fuz Rana

Teresa talks to Foss Rana from Reasons to believe

• Growing up years? [0:36]
• From Islam (dad) Catholic (mom) to agnostic [02:26]
• To Christianity [03:00]
• Muslim is not a religion of peace, but there are peaceful Muslims? [03:15]
• Biology pointed to a creator? [04:40]
• If evolution were true there would be no reason to value life? [06:12]
• Disvalue of life played out in public schools [07:36]
• Manipulating DNA [09:13]
• One hand told life has no meaning, then other hand told can become like God [09:50]
• Transhumanism? []
• AI, Tesla, Google etc [10:50]”]
• You can’t have both devalue life and be like God [11:26]
• Desperate need to find God themselves [12:55]”]
• Human trafficking [13:18]”]
• What does evolution really teach? [17:33]”]
• Those who do not fit paradigm would be disposed of [18:24]”]
• Eugenics movement [19:47]”]
• What makes us exceptional? [20:49]”]
• Symbols? [23:15]”]
• Some biologists are starting to say we are unique [24:15]”]
• Satan tells us we are worth nothing [25:15]”]
• God ascribed value to human’s in the Old Testament [26:50]”]
• Treat the lesser people with contempt? [28:26]”]
• What to say to someone who wants more than evolutionary lifestyle [29:40]”]


Teresa talks to Dave Janda of Davejanda.com also  heard on Hagman and Hagman Report


  • Who is Dave Janda? [0:50]”]
  • Radio trailblazer Wendy Hughes [03:28]
  • Operation Freedom Radio Show [03:50]
  • “We are good at treating these injuries. Why don’t we try to prevent these injuries?” [05:44]
  • CDC Contacted Dave  [08:02]
  • CDC stated to Dave his changes would save 2 billion a year [08:22]
  • Then President Reagan contacted Dave [08:50]
  • Reagan asked Dave to work with C. Everett Coop. [09:00]
  • President George H. W. Bush comes to office [10:08]
  • One political party []
  • Right Left axis is fraud [11:55]”]
  • Freedom/oppression up/down axis [12:10]
  • What happened in 1988? [13:00]”]
  • Founded the Institute for Sports Medicine [16:50]”]
  • Companies sue him, people threaten to harm him [“18;20”]
  • Good vs Evil battle in business/government [20:35]”]
  • God commands us to speak the truth with love [24:00]”]
  • Alternative medicine? [26:13]”]
  • Operation Freedom Health [31:00]”]
  • Before deciding on a treatment make sure of the research of such treatment [32:10]”]
  • Is the hope to getting quality medical care? [33:50]”]



Teresa talks to Sanda Allyson of Myrtle Ministries Part 2

• Is there a Devil [1:13]”]
• Survival of the fittest? [02:16]
• Harry Potter? [03:38]
• Churches identify the evil one? [04:25]
• Life is a wreck how to get free of it? [07:40]
• Dr. Michael Lake of It’s a Biblical Life. [08:50]
• The Kingdom Intelligence Briefing [09:22]
• Has the fascination with the occult increased? [09:40]
• Abortion? Sacrifice? [12:10]
• We are not to be fearful. []
• Fear comes from the Lord of darkness [14:15]”]
• Symptoms you are under spiritual warfare [14:50]
• Why do pastors not talk about spiritual warfare? [18:23]”]
• If the enemy is not attacking are you living for God? [20:44]”]
• Jesus dealing with spiritual warfare [24:49]”]
• Both sides will cast out demons [27:18]”]
• How does one cast out if not done in Jesus name? [28:08]”]
• Most churches have a church plant [28:57]”]
• How do you know who is a church plant? [38:56]”]
• One side there is no spiritual warfare, other side devil is everywhere [33:58]”]
• How do you witness to those caught in the evil? [37:57]”]
• Prayers appear ineffective? [44:15]”]
• Learn who God is [45:50]”]
• Not understanding this? [47:00]”]
• How to start a conversation with God? [49:17]”]
• Object of anger is the Lord? [53:32]”]