Why I became a Christian?

This week I get vulnerable and answer the question why I became a Christian that I have not shared publicly before, and having to deal with my times of mocking the Christian faith and what role the occult played. I also announce a special report that you can get at unresolved. Life/newsletter. If this podcast has been a help to you, please share.

What is Yom Kippur?

This week we ask the question what is Yom Kippur also known as the Jewish day of atonement. Was Christ’s death on the cross a simple matter of payment for our Sin? Or was there a deeper meaning? We ask this and more

A Video about Yom Kippur

the Need for Atonement – A Prophetic Look at Yom Kippur from Ruach Ministries International on Vimeo.


Landra’s Interview on Rosh Hashanah

White paper on the Jewish Day of Atonement 

In this episode, I go a little bit random and Mike and I speak on many
different topics, such as video game addiction, and what happens when you fall into Sin, and the steps you should take to get yourself out.



Our previous episode on video game addiction

The Interview with Sanda Allyson on Spiritual Warfare

Sanda’s Website https://myrtleministries.com

This week I sit down with the producer of the Unresolved Life podcast, who also happens to be my husband and we ask a very heartfelt, but
simple question, what to do when the church fails you? We talk about a few different examples including a report that came out about the
Catholic church. A note, this podcast is best not heard by little kids.


Detailed Show notes coming soon