This week I speak with Lorene-Masters,  and we dive into the topic of eating disorders,  how to tell if you or someone you know is struggling with one of them, and we dive into the story of insert name’s journey to healing. This is a must listen for anyone struggling in this area.

This week I had the honor of speaking with Kelly Patterson is the author of fromFrom Trafficked to Treasured. Her story of surviving a sex trafficking ring. Very few stories leave me speechless, this one is one that did!  Please, leave me a review, and share if you are just as blown away.

This week I speak with Camilla Jean about her growing up,
the tragic loss of her father to a plane crash, and then the loss of
her husband to the same thing many years later. We talk about how you
overcome and move on from there. I can tell you this was a wonderful
episode that you should give a listen to.

So we are finishing out our second week in a hotel and waiting for our home to be cleaned out and made right after a flood. As I was praying, and thinking,  my heart was very heavy over a lot of things. Then the Lord quietly spoke to me.  

“Your heart is like that house.” I knew in a moment exactly what he meant. Just like they have to go into the house, drain out all that disgusting water, and clean up afterword, in the same way, these past two weeks have been surfacing a lot of deep wounds and hurts and Sin that has been lingering in my own heart. Some were of my own making, others were inflicted on me, all of it needed dealing with.  

Can you relate? Have you carried deep wounds that you have not spoken of, or admitted to in some cases years?  

You know how it is, you run, and run, doing things both for God, and trying to scrape out a living, while all the while you carry this baggage that you may or may not even know about? 

I challenge you to let God surface those things and heal them. It might get bloody, there may be some pain in the presses but the end result will be that you are turned in to something fit to be used for his glory.  

Trust me, I am not speaking without experience in this area, I am in a season of walking this path myself.  

However, I know that God is faithful, and he will complete the work he began in me.  

Do not resist this, when he starts to work things out of you.  

I look forward to your thoughts, and I would ask for your prayers during this time both that we can get back in our home, and that God would heal all the areas coming to light in my life.  

God bless,  

Teresa Blaes 

In this episode we bring back Sanda Allyson to ask the question; Is Easter a pagan holiday? We discuss the origins of Easter, including the easter egg and the bunny. Join us for this informative controversial discussion Please Share if you find this helpful.


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