How Do You Face Fear?

In this episode, I discuss how to face fear. Please listen and share.



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Tired of asking why? Welcome to the unresolved life podcast where we are answering life’s most difficult questions. Now, here’s your host Teresa Blaes.

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Hi, I’m Teresa, Blaes. And this is the unresolved life podcast. Last week, we discussed should we fear the coronavirus. The basic summation of that was no, God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. But I want to take that a step further. And by the way, we had a really good interview with Sondra Allyson, she’s certainly no stranger to the show. If you haven’t yet go back and listen to that episode. It was it was a really good time of fellowship, encouragement. And, yeah, so and you know, if you find if you know someone that needs that, please share it. That’s it. Let’s move on. One of the biggest things that I’ve had to battle over this past week, you know, dealing with some of the things that I do, because I follow media and I follow the news and I do a lot of stuff for the work that I do, not only for the show, but for the other show that I do and for the news site, and so on and so forth. The question is, what should your response be? Obviously, we’re not supposed to fear. But one of the biggest things that I’ve started to do is on talking to people, and gauging where they’re at, some of them are going, what do I do, I don’t know how to prepare, and we gave some tips on that. Make sure you have enough food for about a month. Make sure you have enough toilet paper, make sure you have cleaning supplies, masks, so on and so forth. There’s other things you can do. But one of the biggest things that you can do is take a stand spiritually, in the name of Yeshua, Jesus, no pestilence will come near my dwelling, rebuke first, ask questions later. The fact is everything political, and I would even take it a step further. Everything first has a spiritual root. Okay? Yes, we have to act in wisdom, right? Everything has a spiritual root. Okay, so what do you do with that? If you know that the enemy is gonna attack you with fear? If you know that this thing has a potential to be a real problem, which it does, then obviously you take your measures, but you fight first with the Word of God. No pestilence will come near my dwelling. You stand on the promises that God has given you, that he will uphold you with His righteous right hand that his arm is not too short to save. That he will be your rear guard. Look at the promises of God and cling to them like they are you your very life because they very well might be. rebuke the enemy. Do not let him have place. If you have, let him have place, repent of it. And if you don’t know Christ as your Savior, now would be a good time to get to know him. Because I guarantee you, this thing is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. But I know that also, my God is bigger than any virus than any pestilence than any disease. So we’ll be ready for it. Some will not. Make sure you’re ready. God forbid you actually catch this thing. God forbid, the ultimate happens to you and you pass away. Make sure you’re ready to face him. Because you don’t want to face him, not having allowed his blood to cover your sin. Because the Bible says we are all sinners, that all have fallen short or the glory of God there is none right? Just not even one. It also says that Yeshua Jesus paid the penalty for And all across. He rose again and he’s coming back. But will He find faith in the earth? I pray so I’m asking you if you do not know him, now’s a good time to get it remedied. rebuke the enemy. Don’t let him have place in your life. Cling to God cry out to Him. Because Yeshua warned of these days he said these things would happen. And guess what? They’re happening. Are you ready? I pray you are. One of the best ways by the way to get ready is to make sure you have clean water, because that’s gonna be a big help to you. in the fight against this virus, you want to have good clean, solid water and you don’t know what’s in your water. In fact, if you if you want to just focus on you know doing bottled water, do you know it takes about 1000 bottles of water, to filter and to equal

what our filter can get through. If you want to learn more, and you want to find out what’s in your water, go to fix my that’s fix my water dot CEO. Fill out your information, someone will get to you. And we’ll have a conversation about how we can help you get some of the best water you’ve ever tasted. You know that and not and not falls under-preparedness. My friend suffers under practical steps you can take. In the meantime, keep your armor on. We’ve talked about that in the past. Ephesians six is your best friend. Pray Psalm 91 over yourself and over your dwelling. Pray for everyone that comes to mind. And if you don’t know Christ, now’s the time to get to know him. I’m Teresa Blaes. This is the unresolved life podcast. We will speak again next time.

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