What about the UFO?

This week on unresolved life, I talk about UFOs, and how should a Christian respond to them. What are they exactly? Could they be related to the coming deception? And what are aliens if they’re in fact real?
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This week on the unresolved life podcast I talk to Erik Allen of Erik Allen media.

He shares his story of growing up in a broken home and defending his mom from an abusive husband. This led to drugs, jail time, and finally to God.
There is so much more to his story, it is truly incredible how God turned his life around.
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In this episode of the Unresolved Life podcast, I talk about what it meant for David to be anointed as King, and no, it didn’t have anything to do with a few drops of oil on his head. I also take some time to pray that God would anoint our hands to do the work for his Kingdom.

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In this episode, I ask the question what’s on your mind? And I talk about how important it is to keep your mind on Christ.
I also talk about the Unresolved life club in clubhouse.
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