NOTE. This episode is not for children

In this episode of Unresolved Life Podcast, Teresa sits down with her husband Michael as they interview Adam Garcia regarding his case with Child Protective Services (CPS). He shares his over a three-year battle with the government agency. The episode highlights the desire and hardship of Adam in fighting to be with his daughter and grandson. He highlights that his battle really is not just for them but it’s about the broken and antiquated system of CPS.

Conversation Highlights

[01:18] Caution: This episode is not for kids.

[01:02] The episode’s topic and sponsor

[02:02] Who is Adam?

[01:14] Adam narrates his entanglement with CPS.

[08:43] The dilemma: The psychiatrist’s objection to discharge Katherine 

[10:05] Adam’s daughter expressed her desire to come home.

[14:00] Other conflicts arising: The issuance of AMA (Against Medical Advice) and report to CPS

[15:51] The involvement of CPS in the scenario.

[20:14] The report: Katherine’s son had a dirty diaper

[23:52] Adam has been dealing with CPS for over three years now.

[25:15] CPS will do everything to keep you in the system.

[25:42] Adam’s daughter does not live with her son.

[26:25] Adam’s house is not a suitable place for Katherine’s son.

[28:10] Katherine, Adam’s daughter status at the moment

[30:00] What is CPS known for?

[32:10] Adam’s real message in this struggle with CPS

[37:12] The case in point: The boxes can cause danger for the child.

[46:10] Adam now is having mental and medical issues because of this case.

[49:07] Our God is bigger than CPS and men of authority.

[50:25] Who are the mandatory reporters?

[52:25] Final words from Adam

Remarkable Quotes:

[16:39] “It’s better for her to come home and to be happy because as long as she is happy, then, there is no problem for anybody.”

[41:25] “We have people that are not  fighting against this agency.”


[43:41] “These children are gifts given to us. We need to take care of them and if we allow someone to tear us apart with our own children, then, we don’t deserve them.”

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