Teresa Blaes

Teresa Blaes has served in various ventures and ministries for the
past 11 years. From running a business and podcast of her own, to running a on-line Christian radio station, she has known the pitfalls that can come from launching things that God has called her to.
Her early years as a child were not Christ centered, in fact she grew
up in a broken home, and came to Christ at the age of 15. She turned
to writing poetry to help her cope with the things in her life at the
After losing her mom and her sight in the same year, she spent 5 years
away from God, where she fell in to addiction to gaming, and wanted
nothing to do with God.
Now recently returned to his work, Teresa feels that many people have
things that are unresolved in their Life, and that is why this
ministry was born.
Currently, Teresa is married, a mother, a podcaster, and poet. Her
goal, to see God reach as many who will listen to the Gospel, so that
all may know Christ.
She lives in Alamogordo New mexico with her husband Michael and daughter Mandy.

Contact Info

Email: tblaes2646@gmail.com

Website: http://unresolved.life

Posts by Teresa Blaes

23 Easter Message

In this short episode, Theresa wishes you a Happy Easter, or Resurrection Sunday, and talks a little about the meaning of this important, holy day.   What, exactly, did we celebrate yesterday?    How can we really know that Jesus Christ is alive?    How can we trust that God has accepted the life of…

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Holy Week Reflections

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had just come in to town to live in New Mexico and it was around Christmas time. On the way home I had asked my mom if she had heard of the left behind books. She started to say no, then answered yes. She then got riled…

22 Whats in your box

In this episode I ask the question what’s in your box? Find out what an old comertial has to do with what’s in your box, and I talk about the choices you have of either hiding from God, or being honest with him. Whats in Your Wallet Commercial Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn

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Right Place Right Time

In 2006 Mike and I had something happen to us that we will always remember and I wanted to tell you about it, as a reminder that sometimes God puts us in the right place at the exact right time.   You see we lived in El Passo Texas and we were both wanting something to drink, so we…

21 Interview with Anna Khait

Bio:  Anna was a professional poker player and a contestant on the CBS Show Survivor in 2016.  She was one of the only outspoken Trump supporting, conservatives from the entertainment world during the 2015 campaign. Anna is a reborn Christian who currently hosts a conservative talk show. Her show The Anna Khait Show on Youtube is a well respected platform for…

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