From Anger to Freedom – Let it go.

In the next few writings, I am going to use the lyrics to songs that reflect our struggles and our solution to some unresolved issues in our lives. The first song is called “Let it Go” (not the one from the Disney movie “Frozen”!)

“Sometimes, Lord, I get angry at things that happen to me. I don’t think its fair, I feel others don’t care, and my mind is filled with self pity. But anger does not help me get close to You. In fact, it drives us apart. So, now I must ask you, Lord what must I do, with this anger that rests in my heart?”

“May I have it”, says Jesus, with love in His voice. “May I have it?” says Jesus, He gives us that choice. “Let me carry that burden that pulls on your soul. Let me take it so you can be whole.”

The song goes on to say “Lord, what will I do? I will call on Your name. You can have it, dear Jesus, for whatever its worth. Somehow I’ll let go of the past and its hurts. … Here it is. Hear it is. It is Yours!”, and the person in need surrenders that need to Jesus.

And that is where we are when our heart is unresolved, incomplete, hurting, and confused. We are in crisis, in survival mode, and when we are, we need to pour out our hearts to the Lord. Then the tough part, but liberating. When we express the hurt, we need to leave the hurt there at the Lord’s feet and let it all go.

Life is hard. God is good. And we are free to express our hearts and find the peace and freedom that only Jesus can give.

Let it go.


Pastor John

Copyright 2016, John Day

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