What do Seniors Need – part 2

(This continues the series of posts about what seniors need. Last week was on physical and practical needs and encouragement. This week we will focus on the ultimate need of seniors – and of all of us – the need for Jesus in our everyday lives and beyond. Personal reflections will be at the end, to keep us focused on Jesus.”)

The greatest need that seniors, and all of us have is Jesus. We need Him in every area of our lives, and in every possible way. I would like to focus on three ways that seniors in particular need Jesus.

For one thing, it is hard getting older. As our body ages, things work differently than they used to – bodies, minds, and emotions are slower. For me, processing thoughts and feelings is harder. That is why I, and many of my fellow seniors, need not only physical and practical help, as mentioned last week. We also need encouragement directly from the Lord. We need Jesus for encouragement. Others can encourage us with their words, which is good, but only Jesus can encourage and comfort us at the core of our being. He is fully capable of doing that, and we definitely need that from Him.

The second way we need Jesus is in our failures. We need Jesus when we fail because we need Him to comfort us, and to lead our hearts to the truth – Did we mess up? Is there something You are trying to teach me in this? Is my attitude sour or my focus on myself instead of others?” We need Jesus to work in our hearts to reveal these things. Maybe it wasn’t our fault after all. He can reveal that to us as well. Whatever the case, we need His advice, comfort, insight, assurance, and peace. All are available because of what Jesus did for us on the cross.

That brings us to the third way we need Jesus. We need Jesus not only now but literally forever. Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” I asked Jesus to save me when I was a teenager. Have you experienced that too? Have you given your life, your soul, your will, to Jesus? I asked Jesus to forgive me and come in to my heart. When I asked him to come in, He did, and that was for eternity. God doesn’t do anything half way, including saving our souls. As a pastor, I will ask this question directly – Have you given your life to Jesus Christ.? If you have, and if you are growing in Him, then you will understand. If you haven’t, then you need to do that right now. In your own words, ask Him to save you and take over.


Pastor John

(Personal reflections: When I call on Jesus and let Him work in my life, He does. He is my helper and savior. I for one am glad that He is.

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