Coping With Emotional Trauma

How I cope with emotional trauma has not been healthy. I know it has not, but it is what has kept me somewhat sane. If not sane, but kept me from going into a psychiatric hospital regularly. Through my coping with emotional trauma I raised three special needs kids, stayed married to a man with brain injury and am now homeschooling my youngest child.

How I learned to cope is to hide from the world. I do not go out of my house very often. I use the excuse that my knees hurt to much for me to get out, or that it is too expensive as I need to use the taxi. I do not even like going to see the doctor. I know this is not a healthy way to live, but it is what keeps me sane.

My connections are my daughter who lives with me, and my husband that I talk to regularly on the phone or on the internet. The reason my husband and I do not live together is some of the reason why I live with PTSD. Maybe I can share some of that story in another post. But, just to say right now my husband is growing and changing. The Lord is working on his heart and mind.

Now at 48 years old I am tired of living like this. I need more, I deserve more, God needs more from me! I started counseling recently through Faithful Counseling online. That is when I found out I have PTSD. They helped me find out how my past traumas affect me and why I do things I do.

Then Teresa did an interview with Sanda Allyson. I do the show notes for every podcast Teresa does. So, I have the privilege of hearing the interview before anyone else. God started speaking to me about how a lot of my struggles are from spirits that generational sins, trauma, and my own sins let in. That I needed to let God do the battle for me by fully submitting to God.

It is a process of letting God search deep in me, to find and expose my deep hurts, sins, and spirits. Stuff that has been there for many many years. It takes awhile, a lot of prayer, journaling, and changing how I live my life. I cannot say it is always fun and easy. Far from that, it is painful, a bit scary to let go of what has become part of me. But, I know it has to be done. I know God has a great plan for my husband and I, but first we need to clear out all the old cobwebs of a life lived for our flesh.

If you recognize any of this in you, if you find you are in a similar struggle. I would love to come aside and we can support each other in healing. God made us to do life in community and that is why He called me to start my community website. Please feel free to check out my site and see if it is for you. Finding God Community


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