Waiter. Oh waiter.

“Waiter. Oh Waiter.”

Today starts an eight week series of devotionals, based on the advice
that our former pastor, Paul Schmidt lived by and passed on to his kids and
grand-kids. These devotionals are in honor and in memory of Brother Paul,
a sweet man of God who led over 1,000 people to Christ.

Today’s tip: “Always be kind to your waiters and
and tip them well.”

When my wife and I were living with her mother (waiting for our house to sell in Kentucky), we often went to a Mexican restaurant that had “99 cent Tacos.” That was a pretty good deal to feed three people for six dollars (we each got two.) While it didn’t take long for us to be seated, it did take a while to place and get our order because of the crowd. We usually knew what we wanted and were ready to order. When the waiter did get to us, we would ask for some water with lemon for my wife and I and water with no lemon for her mom. And then we waited … and waited … and we would wonder where our waiter was. “I know it’s busy, but come on” is what I was usually thinking. I was not very patient.

The thing is, we didn’t know anything about that waiter. We didn’t know where they were coming from, what they have been through and had to put up with that day. Are they sad? Are they lonely? Are they a Christian? Do they have a church home? Do they need some encouragement? What is the boss like? Is the crowd nice to them? I have been told that the Sunday crowd is the worst for waiters, with little or no tips, and lots of dumpy, grumpy attitudes – and maybe a plastic smile or two. The waiter needs Jesus and nobody knows it. Brother Paul never forgot that, nor should we.

Waiters and waitresses are servants (not slaves) and could be considered “the least of these” Jesus mentioned in Mat. 25:40. “Whatever you do to the least of these, my brethren, you do it unto me.”

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, help me to love others as much as You love me and to be a shining light to a lost and hurting world. In the name of Jesus. Amen.”

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