Set the Prisoner Free


Set the Prisoner Free

Sometimes we feel trapped and we don’t know what to do. It may be something we did that caused our current situation to lock us in our own personal prison. On the other hand, it could be somebody else’s mistake, and we didn’t see it coming, or didn’t knowhow to avoid it. We are trapped. We are helpless. Life happens, and it seems we don’t have what it takes to respond.

If you have ever visited a jail, you know it is an eerie feeling when they let you in past the metal doors, then they close behind you. You hear that “clink” and you know you are all the way in, and that you are at the mercy of the guard to let you out when you are finished visiting or ministering to the prisoners.

Such was the case when I met John W. He was one of the prisoners that was learning a Christmas program, to be presented to members of our church. When I heard him sing a song that he wrote, I said “I’ve got to meet this guy!” He had a great voice, smooth guitar playing, and a simple but powerful message, like the song below, “I am Free”

“In my dreams I am free. There are no bars that can hold me. I can fly away it seems. I am free in my dreams. I lay me down to sleep at night. I pray the Lord will guide my flight. That great city, that distant shore, the path that leads to Heaven’s door. When I awake every day, I pray the Lord will light my way. He knows every breath I take. He knows the footprints I will make. In my dreams I am free. There are no bars that can hold me. I can fly away it seems. I am free in my dreams.”

There are times we can all relate to this. We are in physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bondage, of our own doing or others. Whatever the cause, we need help. That help is found in Jesus. Not religion. Not drugs or other crutches, but Jesus. He knows where you are, what you need, and the best path to get beyond the bars that surround your life. Maybe you are a prisoner to your past. I have been there. The past may be full of guilt and regret, but we can’t move forward if we keep looking back. We may be trapped by our circumstances, our past, or our guilt, but Jesus will help us if we ask Him and let Him work in our lives. He is the one that can set you free from the prison of your heart. Waking or sleeping, He is there and will lead us through it all, if we let Him.

Are you a prisoner of your own heart? Your past? Your circumstances? Your hurts and habits? Ask Jesus to set you free. Invite Him in.

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