IS there a problem with the church?

a small building with a cross on top and curved opening sits on a showy background and is lit up from the inside Is there a problem with the church

Teresa interviews MickTempleton about how he came to Christ, and almost lost everything.

• How did Mick come to know the Lord? [00:24]
• Family in a cult? [05:14]
• Bible College [06:16]
• God doesn’t call the equipped [08:39]
• Mick knew God was real before fully knowing God [09:18]
• Mick left Bible college [10:49]
• What happened to Mick when in the ministry? [11:57]
• His wife left [19:53]
• Mick was not welcome in his denomination [22:49]
• Mad at God? [23:37]
• Persecution? [24:57]
• Not inherit the Kingdom of God? [28:21]
• Knowing God’s Book [31:31]
• Many believe if the church says I am good, then I am good with God [38:22]
• People who have storms in life and those who do not [40:10]
Is there a problem with the church, or I am stuck in this sin [43:30]


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