Dear God, Why All this Pain

Have you ever wondered why God who is a loving Father, would allow his children to suffer such horrific pain and trials?
Looking back at my own “horrific suffering” in life I realize that when things really hit bottom for me, a lot of things were lost.
Some of the last things I was willing to let go of, were the things that crippled me the most. My anxiety, depression and insecurities I held onto with a death grip.
I still don’t quite understand why I had to get to the point of losing everything to allow God to burn these toxic demons of torment away.
When you can’t just “get over” something yourself, then God will do what it takes to break you free. Even if it means that must come through great suffering.
This is why sometimes God’s way of loving us, can feel a bit like child abuse from the human minds limited perspective.
Breaking me “down to nothing” was the best thing God ever let happen to me. God knew that this was what it would take for me to completely let go of this horrible imitation of life I had become trapped in. He loved me enough to watch me suffer.
As I did let go and received my deliverance, God began a reconstruction process in me. I was for the first time in my life free from all anxiety, and finally comfortable in my own skin.
God had allowed the fiery furnace of my trials to burn off all the chains the enemy had imprisoned me with. And from that furnace I stepped out the person God always intended for me to be.
So if you are in the midst of great suffering now, let me give you a glimpse of your future. God has saved the best for last for you! What the enemy has been whispering in your ear is a lie.
Your faith in Christ Jesus is going to bring you through to victory. God is there with you now. Even in your suffering God is taking care of you with such tender care.
God never has and never will stop loving you. The hurt you endure will not last forever. God has already assigned a limit to your suffering and your victory is just in sight!
Even when you no longer have the ability to believe for yourself, God has his arms around you and will carry you. Nothing will keep you from the wonderful plan God has for your life if you will just hold on to him! He is big enough to bring you out of the impossible situation you are in now.
If you could only see your future like God sees your future, a sweet soothing calm would flood your heart and mind. I claim this peace for you right now in the name of Jesus Christ and make and application of the blood of Jesus Christ upon you and around you for protection and healing.
God is in the process of doing something amazing and beautiful through your pain. You just wait and see it will be well worth the journey. He is a loving Father and He will never let you down.

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