39 Interview with Sanda Allyson Myrtle Ministries Part 1

Teresa talks to Sanda Allyson of Myrtle Ministries Part 1,.

  • Sanda’s ministry? [0:46]
  • How did Sanda come to know the Lord? [02:48]
  • Was Sanda raised in a Godly home? [04:08]
  • Sanda’s life turmoil? [05:18]
  • Sanda literally felt God hug her and how did that change her relationship with Him? [07:01]
  • Abuse Sanda experienced? [08:00]
  • What did God reveal to Sanda when she was 6? [09:13]
  • What happened as a result of this realization? [09:53]
  • Sanda at a young age recognize this was not ghost experience but spiritual warfare [12:47]
  • Walter Martin’s influence []
  • High School and beyond? [“15:50”]
  • Car accident [16:57]
  • Think of the many reasons Sanda should be dead [“22:04”]
  • In all the time and miracles did God speak to Sanda further? [“41:08”]
  • Seminary? [“42:54”]
  • Sanda is a happy accident happened [“47:18”]
  • Did Sanda actually die? [“48:23”]
  • Out of body experience is a touchy subject [“50:18”]
  • If God is so good how could He allow pain? [“52:11”]



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