This week on the unresolved life podcast I talk to Erik Allen of Erik Allen media.

He shares his story of growing up in a broken home and defending his mom from an abusive husband. This led to drugs, jail time, and finally to God.
There is so much more to his story, it is truly incredible how God turned his life around.
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In this episode of Unresolved Life Podcast, Teresa talks with Rachel Bruno, a victim of CPS atrocities. They discuss how CPS is tearing apart the families and is acting as an active funnel of Human Trafficking.


Lessons to take away with you:

  • A child is a blessing from God.
  • Devil is the father of lies.
  • How is the CPS taking care of the children?
  • CPS is a funnel of human trafficking.


Listen in now!


Conversation highlights:

  • 02:23 – A fluid is flowing from his head….


  • 13:55 – CPS knocked in!


  • 17:36 – The atrocities begin……


  • 22:50 – CPS made us live in the Nazi Germany.


  • 27:39 – They evicted Rachel from her very own house.


  • 32:02 – CPS atrocities are like a pandemic!


  • 38:29 – “We couldn’t survive it without the help of God.”


  • 48:13 – When the laws go wrong…..


  • 53:00 – The role of Church in this Sinister situation.



Remarkable quotes:

“I surrender my son to you, God.”


“It’s been 24 hours since I slept.”


“The took him away at 2 o’clock in the morning.”


“She was like a blessing in disguise.”


“Devil is the father of lies.”


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