This week I deal with the subject of who has the right to end
someone’s life. I reference two cases, one from the past, and one from the present.
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A Tribute to Joe Hagmann

This week I take some time to honor a dear brother’s passing. Joe Hagmann. Joe was found dead last Saturday, do to a drug overdose I will link in the show notes the official announcement by his father, Doug Hagmann. I also speak to those who have also suffered a loss of a loved one to any kind of overdose situation, or those who are struggling with addiction themselves. I ask you to listen and share, and please keep the Hagmann’s in prayer for their loss.

This week I speak with Lorene-Masters,  and we dive into the topic of eating disorders,  how to tell if you or someone you know is struggling with one of them, and we dive into the story of insert name’s journey to healing. This is a must listen for anyone struggling in this area.

This week I had the honor of speaking with Kelly Patterson is the author of fromFrom Trafficked to Treasured. Her story of surviving a sex trafficking ring. Very few stories leave me speechless, this one is one that did!  Please, leave me a review, and share if you are just as blown away.