What do Seniors Need? – part 1

(This will be the first of a series of writings about the needs of senior citizens – needs of body, mind, soul, and so much more. It comes at the front edge of the launch of Pastor John’s Senior Moments, a site I created for senior citizens.)

It would seem a simple question – “what do seniors need”. Like everyone else, they need food, water and shelter. They need family to support and surround them as they get older. They need friends, and sometimes their friends move away or move on to glory. This week, I want to emphasize the need for strength and encouragement.

The inspiration for this writing comes from the “gentle joints” class at the senior citizen center that my wife and I went to this morning. I came in to the class being tired due to a short night’s sleep. That’s not a good way to start the class. One of the things that happen when I get that tired is that my back gets tight. Keisha, our leader, keeps finding new muscles in me and in all of us. She found quite a few this morning. Ouch!

I was determined that even though I didn’t feel like stretching my muscles, I would move them anyway. I needed strength, and it wasn’t going to come if I didn’t get things moving. In any situation, you and I may not be able to do much, but we can always do something. We can always keep moving, even if it is slow, awkward, or uncomfortable. One example of that in this “gentle joints” class is Miss Hetti.

Miss Hetti is 95 years old, and doing amazingly well. She walks wtihout a cane at a faster than expected pace. She has a clear mind, and it is fun to have a conversation wtih. She’s a little bit hard of hearing, but my goodness, at age 95 she’s entitled to have something wrong wtih her! She uses the strength she has to move the best way she is able. If its kicking the feet or moving the knees quickly, she will wiggle her feet. If its raising her arms, she will do that, just not as high or for as long a time as others. The point is that she keeps moving. She provides encouragement to all of us. I look at her and think “If she can do this, I can too.”

I am doing this series of writings to encourage senior citizens and to let others know that we have unique needs as senior citizens. One of those needs that I noticed is strength for the body. We also need strength for our soul in the form of endurance, determination, and faith. When the body is hurting, it affects the mind and the emotions. This is where we need the encouragement from those around us, and from the scripture. The logo for the website has this scripture, which I need to live out every day: “They will still grow fruit in old age. They will stay fresh and green.” – Ps. 92:14

God bless you in your journey, and in your walk with the Lord today. –
Pastor John

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