The New Toilet

The New Toilet

I bought a new toilet – not a pond, not a pot. It’s right by the bedroom – a most convenient spot. And if I need clean water, I just turn on the tap. Cold or hot, its right there. Now just imagine that!

Hot food in my belly, made fresh on the stove. There’s food in the cupboard, and flavors I love. My lifestyle is cozy. It fits like a glove.

But others, I’ve heard, have to pee in a pot, or a bucket, or outside – whatever they’ve got. Our life is convenient while theirs, it is not. Hey, you do what you do just to “find a good spot.”

Their water is far, and not healthy or clean, from a watering hole, where the animals are seen. Disease in the water, bacteria, for sure. Our water is clean, and theirs is impure.

No doctors or hospitals their ailments to fix. No money, no income – maybe sell a few sticks, ’til the government says “no!”. Maybe begging would do the trick.

This writing, you see, is not meant to cause pain, but to make us all grateful for the things that we’ve gained. Some things have been earned, and some have been given. God shares His wealth. Could we do the same?

Help one person, help many – whatever we can do. Lord help us to see how to see people through.

This ode to the toilet is an ode to God’s grace. “Lord, help me help others as I run this race. And may you be pleased, Jesus, when I see your face.

That is my prayer, and that is my plea. Help me to help others, as You have helped me.”

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