Seniors are unresolved in mind

Last week, we talked about senior citizens being unresolved in their body, that there were some things that were uncertain, unfinished, in transition. These medical issues can be the source of great stress for those of us on the senior side of life. But physical issues are not the only factors of aging that cause us problems as we get older.

For this writing, we are focusing on the mind. Seniors, at least this senior, definitely has issues with memory. “Senior moments” are familiar to me. In fact, I had one as I was doing this writing today. I am developing my writing skills by writing for three different websites, this being one of them. I opened up a tab to start working on this post. Then I got to thinking about writing for Saturday’s post on another site, that one dealing with worship. The end result is that I almost posted a piece about worship on this site! Talk about a senior moment!

Sometimes our mental struggles cause us to laugh, sometimes to cry, and sometimes to shake our fists in anger and frustration. But there’s more to the story

While we are unresolved in body and mind, there is one area we can have great security and resolution in, that being our faith. As a Christian, I have the assurance that God, my creator, loves me and has a plan for my life. If you give your life to Him, you can have that same peace. There is great security in knowing Jesus. Do you know Him? 


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