Senior Year

Come home to find you’ve been arrested

What for, I don’t know

suck it up deal with it. bury it deep

Truth is I can’t handle this.

cast a weathered glance up to the sky,

Lash out in anger, demanding why?

Yet the heavens are silent,

go to school everything’s fine.

There I’m a different person,

living a different life.

time goes by  your’re seated on your bed.

I don’t know what’s wrong, your unresponsive.

call for help the ambulance arrived,

all of a sudden, your’re just fine.

They leave, they think I lied,

now your’re angry at me.

Few months pass by, and its time to graduate.

But you never made it, too sick or was I mistaken?

I scanned all the faces. You weren’t there in the crowd.

I received all the accolades when they called my name..

offering my thanks to the people gathered with a hollow smile

But where were you?

I’m dying inside.

Just wanted a taste of normality

It was not meant to be

Yet someone was watching,

someone was smiling, and crying with me.

My friend of friends, and my king of kings..

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