Sanctity of Life Day 2021

Today is Sanctity of Life Day. 

It is a day where we reflect and remember how valuable all life is, both within the womb and outside, even in old age. 

Yet we are living in an age where life is cheap, and there is no moral question about snuffing out the life of a pre-born child. 

Ever since the supreme court cases of Roe vs Wade, and Dow vs. Bolten close to 70 million unborn babies have been murdered in the place that should be the safest, the womb of their mother. 

While a lot of progress has been made by the pro-life community to turn back that tide, we still have a long way to go. 

Now with a new Biden administration, our job may be quite hard, with the incoming pro-abortion policies. 

Here at Unresolved ministries, we are unabashedly Pro-life, and I would urge you to take a listen to just a couple of the interviews that we have done on this topic. 

First up is Melisa Ohden, who was an actual abortion survivor. Her story is truly riveting. 

The second is a Karen Herzog from the organization from And Then there were none. 

This group founded by former Planned Parenthood worker Abbie Johnson which helps abortion workers get out of the death trade. 

Finally, I want to speak to those who have had an abortion. 

If you are reading this, and you feel compounding guilt and shame for the death of your child, know that there is still hope. 

While abortion is truly a horrific act and a Sin to all mighty God, you can be forgiven. 

Yeshua Jesus died for you, and even took the Sin of abortion on himself, so you wouldn’t have to pay the penalty He loves you deeply, and if you ask him, he will forgive you completely. 

We still have much to do, and we still have much to fight for. Yes we need to fight in the government, and in the courts, but we as a church must work to see our Lord change one heart at a time. 

Only then, can we win this fight, and stop the holocaust of the Unborn. 

And as always, we must bathe this in prayer.

God bless, 

Teresa Blaes.  

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