Missed Connections

Missed Connections

There seem to be a lot of things not connected as we get older, as we approach “middle age”, as we become “senior citizens.” Mind you, I don’t know what these terms mean. Does middle age mean the middle of the road, middle of life, or middle between zero and a hundred? And as far as “senior citizen” goes, I qualify for a senior citizen discount in some places (which I love taking advantage of!) and in other places, I don’t. I am 63. According to the men in my Sunday school class, I am young. (Then how old are they???) But I digress.

Back to the missed connections, I seem to be missing a few myself, in body, mind, and spirit. The body, as we get older, is just not happy sometimes, and is very confusing! It is easier to get down and pick something up than to get back up. Okay, sometimes its not easy gettting down! (I didn’t want to admit that!) Our bodies so odd things too, like sweating all of the sudden for no reason, then the next second you’re fine, or like getting up, sweating, and discovering sore muscles, all at the same time. Well, at least my body does that. And the sounds that it makes – well, you get the idea. We are not connected in our body like we think we should be.

Connections in the mind? I really wonder about this one. Yesterday I took my wife to the library, where she tutors math. She was scheduled to tutor from
2:00-5:00. We left at 1:30 to get there. So far, so good. I stay at a carrell with my computer while I wait for her. It passes the time and gives me something to do, plus I love playing games on my computer. So here’s the set up. I know that one person leaves tutoring and the next one comes in on the hour. I was watching the time, so I could tell her something at 3:00 before she started her next student. I was so intent on watching for 3:00 that I convinced myelf that we got there at 3:00 and were leaving at 6:00. I was really concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time to go home, get a bite to heat, then head out immediately for quartet practice at 7:00. When she finished at 5:00, I was surprised that she was done an hour early. Good grief, the mind is strange.

The spirit (emotions) seems to change as well, at least for me. I don’t like to show emotions, but end up showing them at the oddest time and in the oddest ways.

But the most important connection you will ever make is your connection to Jesus Christ, who connects you to eternal life. Are you connected to Christ by faith? Are you aware of His connection to you? If you have not repented of your sins and turned to Christ in faith, it is not too late. Give Him your life and let it go. He’s already given His to you.

Let’s stay connected on this blog, okay?

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