Lane Changes

I don’t like change. I like things to be stable and secure, especially as I get older. Sometimes the changes come way too fast, or at a time you least expect it. This is the dilemma that I have had the past couple of months going back and forth between two towns about 12 miles apart. We were looking for a home while staying with my mother-in-law for a year and a half, after moving from still another location. Needless to say, this caused great confusion, especially when it came to the roads, with different exits, shortcuts, and turn lanes. You get the picture – and I couldn’t get that picture in my head. I couldn’t see it, and I couldn’t remember it. This was definitely an unresolved issue.

Change over time is okay, since there is more time to adjust to it. Sudden change is scary, whether on the road we drive on, or the road of life. Change is inevitable, exciting, scary, and unstable – all at the same time. Maybe you can relate.

Sometimes we have changes in life, and we have to process them. We have to make decisions on what we need to do next, or how we will respond to all these changes. When we have things change, we need help. We either need to continue on the path we are on, change lanes and go a completely different direction or plan, or maybe we just need to make a slight adjustment. We need to find a source to help us.

We can look to ourselves, others, or God and His word to find our help in time of need. Christian, you have a source inside of you to help you. That is obviously Jesus. He is an eternal source, with full power and authority. We also have the scriptures as an excellent source of knowledge and wisdom. Others can help us deal with the lane changes of life, but Jesus is the biggest help. He is a strong place of safety to run to, our rock, and our fortress. Our strong deliverer. You and I need to release the pain and the control over completely to Jesus.

If you do not know Jesus, you have the disadvantage; you’re still on your own – but you don’t have to stay that way. All it takes is your willingness to admit your need, and to turn your life and your issues over to Jesus completely. If you haven’t already, start today by giving your life to Him. If you need help on this, contact me or your local pastor.

Here with you on the journey.

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