Teresa talks to the Host of Uniquely Created Podcast Krissy Donahoe.


  • What is Uniquely Created Podcast about? [0:34]
  • Why Uniquely Created Podcast [01:09]
  • How did Krissy  to know Christ, how did she get into podcasting?  [02:20]
  • Uniquely Created or look like others in the world?   [05:40]
  • Project 86 lyric placing all hope in body transformation   [06:56]
  • Where to go when hurting on the inside?   [07:50]
  • What areas in life do we not rely on God in?    [08:35]
  • What are some lessons Christy learned from doing her podcast?   [10:38]
  • What is your identity?    [11:25]
  • What God placed on Krissy ’s heart for the audience  []
  • Many in the church say they are alright but really are not. [14:35]”]
  • Krissy ’s last thoughts [15:22]”]



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